Debbie Burbage’s Guide to Networking

Networking can be very important when searching for a job and also when you are trying to progress in your current employment. Networking can help in your profession as you will become well-known to possible employers and can help you further your career and increase your chances of getting a job.

At Debbie Burbage we have put together a guide to networking for candidates that are currently searching for the perfect job as well as those that want to step up in the career ladder.

Social Media

Having a strong social media presence will help you become known to employers and also help your networking socially. LinkedIn is one of the best social media accounts to have for recruitment. You can add an online CV so that it is public for potential employers to view. You can also add more information than a standard CV as you are able to add experience and go into depth about the work experience you have along with job roles and responsibilities. You also have a recommendations facility, where colleagues or clients/customers can comment on your ability etc. You do have to be careful with personal social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter that you don’t have any information or photos on there which could jeopardise a job application. You can read our guide to searching for jobs through social media by clicking here where you will also be able to connect with us socially.

Business Cards

Always carry business cards on you. Having business cards on you means that you can pass your information onto other people you meet easily with information such as your name, your contact number and an email address. This also helps the people you meet remember you. If you met someone who you would like to stay in contact with and did not pass on a business card then the chances are that they may forget who you are as soon as the networking event has ended.

Create a Professional Email Address

Many of us would of created an email address back when we were at school or university and this would of either been using something such as a nickname or it contained lots of numbers, kisses (x’s) or symbols. This can be very unprofessional so at Debbie Burbage we advise that you create a fresh new email address which is simply your name and surname or your initials and surname. Your current employer will be able to do this using the domain name associated with the business such as If you are currently unemployed then you can create an email address with many of the popular email accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook.


Attend Networking Events

Attend as many networking events as you can so that you can meet and interact with people that may help you in the recruitment sector. Attend networking events that suit your interests as there will be many different networking events for different sectors such as business, marketing, finance etc. If you attend a networking event that suits your interests then it will benefit you most and you will feel comfortable with talking to other attendees which may be other candidates or possible employers. You can search for professional networking groups through social media such as LinkedIn or searching for networking events on the internet. Make an effort to attend as many as possible as it will benefit you in the future.

Be Confident

Having confidence always helps when you attend a professional networking event. You may feel nervous to start with but over time your confidence will grow and you will feel more comfortable with talking to people you don’t know. Having confidence means that you will start being able to sell yourself to possible employers. Think of this as your chance to sell yourself and your attributes to potential employers, this is your chance to explain how you could benefit that company and what you can provide with the experience you have had so far.

Network your CV

Upload your CV onto as many job sites as possible as this will help with your job search and will increase your chance of getting a phone call from a possible employer or recruitment agency. This is also a good way to become recognised before attended a networking event as possible employers may of already seen your CV online and then are able to meet you in person which helps them get to know and understand you which will increase your chance of receiving a job interview.

At Debbie Burbage we are here to help you every step of the way. Send us your CV today by clicking here or get in contact with us.