Featured Candidates

Each month we showcase a handful of candidates who are looking for a new permanent job.  Outlined below are “self-written” profiles which gives you a little more insight into the person behind a CV.


Jo Eastland

Clerical/Administration/Finance Work – Part-time preferably within a 10 mile
radius of Wellingborough & Rushden

Honest, Reliable, Hardworking, Professional, Cheerful and fFexible

What is Jo Eastland looking for? 

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Pleasant working environment
  • Positive attitude
  • Open communication

What’s important to Jo Eastland?

  • Family values
  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Kindness
  • A sense of humour.

Jo Eastland ‘s Interests: 

  • Family
  • Yoga
  • Badminton
  • Aromatherapy
  • History






Lets Get This Done

Head of Finance/Financial Controller/Finance Director


What is Lets Get This Done looking for? 

I am Seeking an opportunity to consolidate my strong academic qualifications and sound professional capabilities within any stable organisation. Essentially, a role with responsibilities to match my energy and enthusiasm. I now seek a fresh challenge, to enable me to fulfil my career goals and build upon the highly relevant skills I have already amassed.

What’s important to Lets Get This Done?

  • Over the years, my professional qualifications, experience and status has imbibed in me sound accountancy skills, commercial acumen, attention to details and probity. I take pride in my professional approach and I am ethically bound to maintain a high sense of integrity, accountability and transparency.
  • I believe good communication skills are very important for an accountant. I am very expressive, concise, succinct and professional in my approach. I ensure my thought processes and decision-making processes are well informed; I am sensitive to people’s need and view point. I have brilliant interpersonal, team working, networking and management of staff skills. I am also a people person, and I strongly believe in participation and consultation.
  • I have brilliant negotiation, planning, performance and project management skills.

Lets Get This Done’s Interests: 

  • Listening to RMB music
  • Watching action films
  • Travelling to mountain areas



Cherry Blossom

Financial Controller

Organised, Caring, Fun & A Bit Bonkers

What is Cherry Blossom looking for? 

Ideally a position with an SME where I can work with a team, improve systems and get good financial information that’s useful. Friendly, flexible, fun environment.

What’s important to Cherry Blossom?

  • Not too much of a commute (max. 25-30 miles). Don’t mind travel for work though.
  • Flexible working or an opportunity to work at home would be good.
  • To be appreciated!
  • Ability to implement changes.

Cherry Blossom‘s Interests: 

  • Family (No. 1)
  • Films / Cinema
  • Genealogy
  • W1
  • My Village
  • Travel
  • Visiting Historical Places



In The Here And Now

Assistant Accountant / Assistant Management Accountant

Determined, Thorough, Methodical, Positive, Team-member, Flexible

What is In The Here And Now looking for? 

A small company with a family/friendly feel to it where the accounts department is closely linked to the whole company giving me real connection to the company’s ethos, products, customers & supply chain as well as colleagues in other parts of the business. A supportive manager who is happy to assist me making this step forward would be ideal.

What’s important to In The Here And Now?

It’s important to me to find a role that will help me make the transition from a broad accountancy experience in a very small business to a slightly larger business as well as incorporating the additional skill that I am currently studying (CIMA Certificate).

In The Here And Now’s Interests: 

  • Quiet weekends at home with my partner and our crazy dogs.
  • The British Countryside and being outdoors as much as possibly.
  • A Healthy Lifestyle including running, cycling and supporting my partners mountain bike racing.
  • Renovating our house in to a home.




Finance Director / Head of Finance

Commercial, Analytical, Logical, Relaxed, Astute, Personable

What is Chestnut looking for? 

I am looking for a small to mid-sized company that has growth ambitions which requires an experienced finance professional to provide strategic support to achieve this.

The culture of the company is very important to me, I enjoy working in companies that work hard to achieve their goals but also enjoy themselves in getting there and operate in a relaxed environment.

What’s important to Chestnut?

  • Family and friends.
  • Making sure I have tried my best in whatever I have done.
  • Being someone who is friendly, approachable and is always willing to help and support others.
  • Making sure I have a good work and life balance.
  • Lowering my golf handicap!

Chestnut’s Interests: 

  • Sport – particularly football, golf and American Football.
  • Music – 80s-90s hip hop particularly




Family Friendly

Account Manager – Commercial /Senior Administration Assistant

Friendly, Flexible,Team Player, Supportive, Healthy, Approachable

What is Family Friendly looking for?

  • Flexible working or the ability to work at home / early finish on a Friday (even if only an hour)
  • To be appreciated and treat people properly / fairly, I do believe that you should treat others as you wish to be treated yourself
  • Friendly with a flexible attitude, within a fun environment

What’s important to Family Friendly?

  • Daily commute up to 20 miles however, I don’t mind travelling to other sites or customers for work.  I enjoy visiting clients and putting a face to a name
  • Making sure I have a good work life balance
  • Being approachable and always willing to help and support others

Family Friendly’s Interests: 

  • Exercising and just being healthy
  • Family and Friends (especially my grandchildren)
  • Travel and visiting new place around the UK





Charity Finance Expert

Interim / Part Time Finance Director

Experienced, Charity FD, Likes a Challenge

What is Charity Finance Expert looking for? 

  • Not for profit organisation.
  • In need of help to build.
  • A sustainable future.
  • Part time hours to fit in with my portfolio career (I can they flexible of you are)

What’s important to Charity Finance Expert?

  • Ethical Values
  • In need of better strategy
  • Structure
  • Willing to change in order to grow

Charity Finance Expert’s Interests: 

Sport – I coach rowing, cycle slowly + enjoy watching rugby




Management Accountant

Calm, Happy, Dependable, Intelligent, Sympathetic, Tolerant

What is Starlight looking for? 

Somewhere I can be part of a team and grow and develop.

What’s important to Starlight?

To treat people properly and fairly as you would expect to be treated.

Starlight’s Interests: 

  • Singing (choir)
  • Reading Science Fantasy
  • Cooking creating something from nothing which I probably can’t recreate!





Mr Dependable

Company Accountant / Finance Manager within SME

Conscientious, Honest, Reliable, Thorough, Task focused

What is Mr Dependable looking for? 

  • Profitable and financially stable business which invests in staff, systems and resources.
  • Striving for steady growth and progression.
  • Structured and established business processes.
  • A calm, even-paced working environment. Infrequent surprises!
  • Professional yet informal business culture.
  • Ethically and morally compliant with technical and tax regulations.

What’s important to Mr Dependable?

  • A well-established role with clearly defined task focused responsibilities.
  • Clarity of purpose, authority and responsibilities.
  • Openness, honesty and integrity.
  • A sense of achievement and satisfaction from completing regular finance tasks, maintaining accurate and up-to-date financial records, in support of a company Senior Management Team.

Mr Dependable’s Interests: 

Cycling and Motorsport



Juliet Strong

Accounting Wizard

Hardworking, Loyal, Vivacious, Caring, Funny, Selfless

What is Juliet looking for? 

  • Loyalty
  • Rewards and appreciates hard work
  • Being a person not a number
  • Challenging role
  • Progression

What’s important to Juliet?

  • Work life balance – You get out what you put in
  • Work hard, play hard
  • Being recognised for hard work
  • Going above and beyond what is expected

Juliet’s Interests: 

  • Discovering new places
  • Small batch distilleries /breweries
  • Animal welfare
  • Being around people who want to be around me (socialising)





Sam Juke

Billing Supervisor, Team Leader

Outgoing, Friendly, Passionate, Empathetic, Creative

What is Sam looking for?

Somewhere that I can progress, a company that shows loyalty to its employees and invests in them. A company that will help me progress within my career and that I can stay at for a long time.

What’s important to Sam?

  • My family and friends.
  • I am very passionate about cooking, having trained in Canada and London.
  • Developing myself in my spare time.
  • Renovating my 250 year old house.

Sam’s Interests: 

  • LGBT rugby
  • Cooking
  • Travelling
  • Embroidery
  • Exploring ex-soviet bunkers in the Eastern Block
  • Shamefully, trashy reality TV





Financial Conscience

Finance Director position with commercial involvement in SME or division of larger business.

Reliable FD with change & International experience

What is Financial Conscience looking for? 

  • Progressive business with growth opportunity
  • Friendly staff with a culture of respect and commitment
  • Located within 25 miles of Northampton
  • Inspirational MD with clear strategy for growth
  • Ideally with International trade

What’s important to Financial Conscience?

  • Position with challenge and ideally an element of change
  • More than just the Finance elements, with operational involvement
  • Clear outline of expectations and ability to progress and develop
  • Responsible position

Financial Conscience’s Interests: 

  • Travel
  • Sports
  • Fitness





Frances Wignall

Billing/Administration Manager

Reliable, Flexible, Honest, Hardworking, Generous, Approachable

What is Frances looking for? 

  • Friendly and welcoming
  • Job security, approachable managers
  • Good training and development
  • Forward thinking

What’s important to Frances?

  • My family and my foster children, making sure they are all ok and doing well.
  • Spending precious time with my granddaughter

Frances’ Interests: 

  • Travelling, reading.
  • I am a foster career to age 16+, so when I am not working a lot of my time is spent supporting them.








James Ransom

SME FD/Divisional FD/FC/Head of Finance

Organised, Personable, Curious, Team-player, Dependable

What is James looking for? 

Long-term vision that I can buy into and an open & honest culture with colleagues easy to get on with as I prefer collaboration to confrontation.

What’s important to James?

  • Work/life balance.
  • Team-working across the whole organisation pulling in one direction.
  • Variety with a good balance of routine & structured versus ad hoc & strategic.

James’ Interests: 

  • Away from work my main interests are sport, music, film, art and travelling.
  • I am treasurer of my cricket club (and now only a part-time player). I keep fit through cycling and going to the gym.
  • I play the piano, guitar and drums at home for my own amusement.
  • I also support my children’s numerous sporting and musical activities as a taxi-driver and assistant coach.
  • Travelling is an important part of our family life. I speak French fluently and I enjoy visiting family and friends in France at every opportunity. We have travelled widely across Europe as a family and taken holiday’s further afield to Australia and the USA in recent years.



Ledger Lover Extraordinaire

Management Accountant / Finance Manager

Capable, Reliable, Honest, Hardworking, Optimistic

What is Ledger Lover Extraordinaire looking for? 

  •  To be part of a successful team
  • Mutual respect in an engaging role as part of a successful company
  • A positive work environment

What’s important to Ledger Lover Extraordinaire?

  • Making a difference
  • Being Listened to
  • Being part of a team/resolving imbalances
  • Feeling valued
  • Reaching a successful outcome

Ledger Lover Extraordinaire’s Interests: 

  • Football
  • Walking
  • Cooking
  • Touring new places




To protect candidates’ identities, they have selected an alias of their choice.

Any CV requests will be discussed with the candidate prior to sending it to you.