Northamptonshire Partnership Homes

Northamptonshire Partnership Homes (NPH) remit encompasses the management, maintenance, and improvement of council-owned housing stock, as well as the development of new housing to meet local needs. NPH’s creation is a commitment to enhance housing quality and availability within Northamptonshire, focusing on sustainable development and community engagement.

With a clear mandate to serve the residents of Northamptonshire, NPH implements strategies that encompass tenant welfare and the administration of a range of support services. This includes, ensuring that homes are safe and meet high-quality standards, and facilitating community projects aimed at improving the lives of residents. NPH prides itself on working collaboratively with tenants, stakeholders, and partners to deliver services that are responsive to the evolving demands of the community, fostering an environment where residents can thrive. Their efforts are underpinned by a vision to make Northamptonshire a vibrant, inclusive, and attractive place to live.

Northamptonshire Partnership Homes Procurement Roles

NPH provides an opportunity to join a collaborative team with a shared goal to deliver homes where people want to live. As a valued team member, you’ll need to be a self-starter with a strategic approach to procurement and contract management. The role needs an individual who will be hands-on, someone who is happy to roll up their sleeves and get involved. You will play a crucial part in managing a larger budget with £70 million for new homes plus repairs and maintenance. Responsibilities include cultivating supplier relationships, driving continuous improvements, implementing e-business solutions, whilst maintaining a focus on value for money. CIPS qualified with a background in Construction and/or the Public Sector, with knowledge of PCR Regulations being desirable. Are you ready to use your expertise to make a difference to people’s lives?

Procurement Manager/Head of Procurement – Offered and Accepted

NPH has been seeking a Procurement Manager/Head of Procurement since April 2023. We want to clarify that this position remains open, not due to any issues within the organisation, but rather because we are committed to finding the ideal candidate. NPH place great importance on skills, values and fit knowing that all of these elements are the key to success. In the meantime, an experienced interim consultant is maintaining operations on a part time basis.

Joining NPH offers a fantastic career opportunity. You’ll report directly to the Director of Finance, a highly respected and supportive leader known for empowering their team. This role is an excellent fit for a hands-on individual who will manage one direct report. The ideal candidate should possess robust contract management skills, preferably with experience in the housing and construction sectors. A deep understanding of Value for Money (VFM) and its significance in social housing at a corporate service level is also essential.

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