CV Tips

A New Year Means a New Job for 2017

A New Year means a fresh new start for many. It is that time of the year that you can make a plan of what you want to achieve throughout the year and make some New Year’s Resolutions to help guide you throughout the year. Popular New Year’s Resolutions are to lose weight, to stop […]

Tailor Your CV to Each Application

Tailor Your CV to Each Application Let’s face it, many of us fall into the common trap of putting together a generic Curriculum Vitae and then attaching that same CV to many job applications. Although you may well be applying for the same job role with the same job title, no two roles will ever […]

Update Your CV For 2016

At Debbie Burbage Recruitment is important to update your curriculum vitae each year so that you can add any new experiences or qualifications that you have achieved in the previous year. If you constantly keep your CV up to date then you will find it easier to apply for new jobs or new career roles […]

Job Searching With Social Media

As technology has evolved over the years so has the way we live. Social Media has become a strong presence today and it is not just used for personal use it is also used largely by businesses who want to promote products and services. Businesses and recruiters also use social media as a way of […]

Updating Your CV

Some candidates who are on the job market for the first time for a long time will find it hard to locate their CV, if they even have one, it’s probably still on a floppy disk somewhere in a box in the loft! They will also be surprised by the technological advances since they were […]