The UK’s leading motorsport venue for over 60 years

You probably know them as the hosts of world-class events, such as the Formula 1 British Grand Prix, MotoGPTM and Silverstone Festival.

But they don’t just wave the chequered flag on motorsport. As a true, one-of-a-kind destination, fans can feel the thrill on and beyond the track.

From top-tier driving schools to tailor-made corporate events in its cutting-edge facilities. And now, it bridges the gap between high-speed exhilaration and luxury living with its latest venture: Escapade Silverstone.

Escapade Silverstone offers a unique opportunity to reside right next to the hallowed tarmac. These high-end, track-facing lodges provide unparalleled views and an immersive stay without compromising on comfort. Guests can delight in the race-day atmosphere from their private terraces, ensuring every visit is an unforgettable experience wrapped in luxury.

And we want you to be a part of it! Join forces with Debbie Burbage Recruitment to accelerate your career at Silverstone. Whether you’re taking bold steps in your career or seeking the ultimate escapade, Silverstone is more than a circuit; it’s where passion, innovation, and luxury converge—a place where legends live, and where your legendary journey begins.

Silverstone Finance Roles

Management Accountant – Offered and Accepted

Join the dynamic team at Silverstone Circuits as a Management Accountant and play a pivotal role at the epicentre of the motorsport world. This is not just about number crunching; it’s about being part of the adrenaline-fueled energy that fuels every race. You’ll take the lead on delivering precise month-end reports, navigating through essential audits, and maintaining the financial heartbeat of their fast-paced operations. At Silverstone, you’re not just supporting the financial framework—you’re integral to the drive that propels them forward. Embrace the opportunity to challenge your financial expertise, contribute to their success, and accelerate your career. Are you prepared to rev your career into a high gear with Silverstone?

Assistant Management Accountant – Offered and Accepted

Embrace the thrill of a finance career at the heart of the motorsport industry with Silverstone.  As an Assistant Management Accountant, you’re not just crunching numbers; you’re bolstering the integrity of financial controls behind the same scenes that pulsate with high-octane energy. Dive into diverse roles, from shaping robust month-end reports to steering critical audits, all while keeping your finger on the pulse of dynamic financial operations. Here, every turn is a chance to challenge the limits of your financial acumen, fuel the company’s success, and drive your career onto the global track. Are you ready to accelerate and take the lead?

Financial Accountant – Offered and Accepted

Join Silverstone, the heart of British motorsport, as a Financial Accountant and become instrumental in steering the financial robustness of this iconic brand. This pivotal role is not just about numbers; it’s about being the custodian of trust and accuracy in financial reporting and controls. You will immerse yourself in ensuring the integrity of balance sheet accounts, all while your technical accounting expertise becomes foundational to strategic decision-making.

Your voice will be essential, providing updates and guidance on financial matters to management, and your hands-on approach will be crucial in refining processes to safeguard against inconsistencies and inefficiencies. You will find yourself at the core of exciting system upgrades, liaising with various departments, and contributing significantly to the continual evolution of one of the most revered circuits in motor racing history.

This role is tailored for a proactive leader, ready to nurture team members, ensuring their precision in maintaining sterling financial records. Your involvement in the statutory audit process, reconciliations, and customer interactions will be invaluable, demanding your utmost commitment to excellence and professional growth.

Step into an environment where your insights have the power to influence and where your vigilance fortifies the company’s standing. This is not just a step on your career path; it’s an opportunity to leave your mark on a legacy that transcends the racetrack. Join us and accelerate towards a future where every financial decision counts, and every day is a step towards unparalleled professional achievement.

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