2015 is general election year.

2015 is general election year.  Each of the political parties will be setting out what they plan to do in the labour market. At the REC, they will be taking forward a bold vision for the next government: How to build the best jobs market in the world.
The core message is that building the best jobs market in the world means focusing on four keys areas:

  1. Give everyone the chance to succeed through work.
  2. Accelerate business growth and job creation through skills.
  3. Build the best local jobs market through partnerships and SME access.
  4. Enhance our position in the global marketplace.

As well as laying down practical solutions to some of the major labour market challenges of the day, the manifesto also showcases the positive role that recruiters play by placing over 630,000 people into new, permanent jobs last year and supporting the 1.15 million people on a temporary or contract assignment on any given day.