New employees and an ongoing recruitment.

Large organisations have a constant need for new people and an ongoing recruitment process to find them. Between the vacant position and the perfect candidate is the recruitment supply chain.

The REC, in association with CIPS and the CIPD, has produced a report that examines the effect supply chains have on recruitment and how HR, procurement and recruitment professionals develop more strategic working relationships to improve efficiency and quality in recruitment.

Most large employers use a resource model to support recruitment in their organisation and almost a third use two or more models.
Chain Reaction examines how effective those different supply models are, what challenges each present and what the future holds. It answers questions such as: what impact does putting pressures on timescales and driving down cost have on good candidate experience and effective communication of the employer brand?

This report is supported by the REC’s Good Recruitment Campaign, which has been developed by the REC with a coalition of business organisations. At the heart of the campaign is a charter that outlines what good recruitment means.

What impact does driving short timescales and cost have on other important elements of recruitment supply models, such as good candidate?