Your New Monday Morning Routine

The weekend has been and gone and your alarm is going off again. What do you do, hit the snooze button and risk being late for work or do you just get up and get on with the new week? Nobody likes to get up for work, especially on a Monday morning but here at Debbie Burbage Recruitment we have some tips on making it that bit easier.

Set The Alarm Earlier

As daunting as this may sound, to set your alarm even earlier, it gives you that extra bit of time in the morning that you may need. Perhaps you are someone that always hits the snooze button several times, this gives you those 15 minutes to snooze or 15 minutes to have a bath rather than a quick 2 minute shower as you rush to get ready. Those 15 minutes can be extra valuable in the morning, giving you time to eat some breakfast or make your lunch, rather than stressing that you do not have enough time.

Make Time For Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and unfortunately far too many people skip this meal to have that extra time in bed. Get up that bit earlier to get some cereal or toast inside you. If you still do not have time then you always have a chance to eat something on the commute to work. Breakfast can really help get your body and brain started for the day so by the time you reach the office you feel naturally alert and motivated to start your working week.

Make The Most Out The Commute To Work

If you regularly commute to work then make the most of this time as all spare time is valuable. Perhaps read that book you never have time to read and also eat some breakfast to get yourself going for the day. If you know you have an important meeting that morning then prepare yourself for that by looking over some notes so that you feel confident when you get to the office.

Make a Random Act of Kindness

Making someones day can also make your day which can help brighten up your Monday and start you off for a positive week. Perhaps buy the person next to you in the queue a coffee on your commute to work, or pay your colleague a compliment and make them smile.

Find Your Happy Place

The most important thing to do is find something happy to do, not just on a Monday but every day. Perhaps that could be catching up with work friends on your lunch break or using your break to carry on reading that book you started in the morning.

If your career isn’t making you happy then it is a New Year after all and at Debbie Burbage Recruitment we have a variety of job vacancies that could suit you.