Covid-19 and Your Career

Covid-19 and Coronavirus are words we are all too familiar with. No one could of ever imagined that the country would of had to come to a standstill while the world battles this deadly virus.The only thing we can do is stand together as a country and minimise the spread of the virus as best we can. For some that may unfortunately mean they have lost their job, whilst others may be working from home or have been put on furloughed leave.

Unemployed During Covid-19

If you have unfortunately lost your job during then remember you are not alone. There is help out there and support to help you in these uncertain times.

You may feel as though searching for a new job during this crisis may be challenging and you may not be able to find the job you most desire but don’t give up.

Keep applying for roles that match your skills, experience and the qualifications you have gained over the years. Remember that it is important to tailor you CV and Cover Letter to each application you make.

At Debbie Burbage Recruitment, we are here for you during these uncertain times and will happily consider applications which we could match up to future job vacancies. We can also schedule video interviews, making the most of the modern technology we have. Visit our vacancies page or click this link to find out more.

Working from Home During Covid-19

If you have been asked to work from home, many may feel this is a huge challenge and it can be hard to focus.

First of all you need to make sure that you have everything you need to work from home which may mean taking home your office computer or laptop along with any other notebooks, pens or folders.

You can be most productive if you find a quiet place to work from home, away from any distractions such as other family members, the TV and any other noise. Try and keep to your normal working hours for example 9am until 5.30pm and take suitable breaks throughout the day which includes a certain amount of exercise and fresh air if possible. Don’t suffer alone, if you feel you are struggling with the work load then talk to your employer or a colleague who may be able to help.

Furloughed Leave During Covid-19

When the UK went into lock-down the Government promised businesses that they would have support during this time and urged businesses not to let employees go but to keep them on and put them on furloughed leave with up to 80% of salaries covered under this new scheme.

If you fall under this category it is important that you use your time wisely, you do not have to feel pressurised into doing anything you do not want to do but now is a good time to develop skills such as:

  • Time Management – stay in your usual routine of waking up and going to bed at your usual times and taking regular exercise to keep yourself active.
  • Communication – stay in touch with friends, family and even colleagues to make sure everyone is okay. Using the internet for this by video calling is a great way to see and speak to people.
  • Problem Solving – with the restrictions on going out, now is a good time to practice problem solving and finding new ways to manage what you do.
  • Digital Skills – use this time to practice new digital skills which may help you when you go back to work.

Are you Looking for a Change?

Perhaps once this is all over you will want to change what you do. Perhaps you have taken up a new hobby that you wouldn’t mind pursuing a career in. There are other options such as asking for a promotion or a change in your role within the company you work for. If you wouldn’t mind a career change then look for the skills you need and look for any courses you could take to gain these skills. There are many online courses you could enroll in.