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The Key Attributes of a Finance Manager Supporting a Financial Controller or Finance Director within an SME

The Role of a Finance Manager In small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the Finance Manager plays a critical role in supporting the Financial Controller or Finance Director. This position serves as a key link between the company’s strategic and operational aspects and its financial health. While the responsibilities may vary based on the specific needs […]

The Key Attributes of a Financial Controller in an SME Business

The Role of a Financial Controller In the ever-evolving landscape of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the role of a Financial Controller is both pivotal and multifaceted. With the unique challenges that SMEs face, the Financial Controller is the linchpin that holds the financial well-being of the company together. But what makes an effective Financial […]

What Employees Seek in a New Employer

What Employees Seek in a New Employer: Insights from Debbie Burbage Recruitment In today’s competitive job market, attracting and retaining top-tier talent has become a significant challenge for employers. Companies need to understand what employees are looking for in a new employer. Thus, creating a workplace that not only recruits but also retains exceptional talent. […]

Embracing the New Year

New Year, New You As we welcome the New Year, it’s natural to ponder the age-old saying, “New Year, New You.” Many of us set resolutions with high hopes, whether it’s hitting the gym, eating healthier, or organising our lives better. Yet, often these resolutions fade as quickly as they began, leaving us feeling disappointed […]

Our 11 Year Anniversary

Debbie Burbage Recruitment Celebrating 11 Years We are thrilled and honoured to celebrate our 11th Year Anniversary at Debbie Burbage Recruitment! It feels like just yesterday when we embarked on this incredible journey, and today, we stand proud and are grateful for the growth and success we have achieved together. Over the past eleven years, […]

Qualities of a Good Manager

How to Become an Effective Manager A good boss possesses several qualities that contribute to their effectiveness and the overall success of their team. Here are some key attributes that can help you become an effective manager: Leadership A good boss is a strong leader who inspires and motivates their team members. They set a […]

The Benefits of a Financial Career

Opting for a career in the financial sector can be both exciting and rewarding. Depending on your expertise and skill set there are numerous job roles available in the finance industry. Gaining knowledge about various finance positions will enable you to select the most suitable profession for you. The Advantages of a Job in Finance […]

New Year, New Career?

New Year, New You…. What’s that all about? We’ve all done it, made New Year resolutions to go to the gym, loose weight, eat healthily and get more organised.  But how long does it last, a few days, weeks and if you’re lucky months, then you “beat yourself up” for not sticking to it.  We’ve […]