The Essential Job Interview Tool Kit

You may feel as though you are ready for that all important job interview coming up. You have thoroughly researched the company and what the job role entails. You have chosen a smart outfit to wear and feel completely prepared. However something that often gets overlooked and forgotten about is what you need to take with you to the job interview. Even though most things have gone digital it is still best to look professional and attend the job interview prepared with everything that you might need or might be asked for. The internet is also not always reliable so having everything printed out means that you have all the information that you need with you. Take a look at the Debbie Burbage Recruitment job interview tool kit so you know what you need to take with you to your next job interview.

1. A Smart Bag

A smart bag is essential to carry everything in. You don’t want to pack your suit pockets out with your wallet or purse, your phone, car keys and everything else that you need to take with you. A bag will make it easier to carry your essential job interview tool kit in as well as your personal belongings and look professional.

2. A Smart Folder

The next thing that you need is a nice smart folder to hold all of the important paperwork in. We would suggest a display book with the plastic wallets already attached so that you can keep your important documents nice and neat and easy to show your interviewer.

3. Your CV

Even though the company and the interviewer would of already seen your CV, it is professional to take multiple copies with you. Have a copy for yourself, one for the job interviewer and a spare copy for anyone else who may be in the interview with you. Print these out and keep them inside your smart folder.

4. The Job Description

Print out the job description and pop this into your folder. It is good to take this with you and have it in front of you as it may help you in answering any questions the job interviewer has or any questions you may wish to ask them about the job.

5. The Interview Details

It is good to print out the interview details and have these in your folder. The internet is not always reliable, so even though you may have these details in an email having them printed means that you can check the printed details to see who you need to report to for the job interview.

6. Interview Questions

It is good to be prepared with some interview questions you may wish to ask the interviewer. There should always be a set of questions that you have prepared to ask to show that you are interested in the job role. When researching the company and the job role you should naturally think of some questions you may wish to ask. Jot these down, copy them into word in a neat list, print them out and have them in your folder ready to refer to when asked if there are any questions you have.

7. Important Certificates

It is essential that you take with you all the important certificates and qualifications that the interviewer may wish to see. For example if the job description requires certain qualifications then at least you have proof that you have earned these qualifications.

8. A Portfolio of Work

If you are in the design industry then you can take a portfolio of graphic design work you have done such as branding and advertising material. If you are a non creative professional then you can still take examples of work with you such as journalistic work, client testimonials or even awards you may of received.

9. A Pen & Paper

It is important to take with you a pen and a notebook. You may wish to take notes in the interview and it would be embarrassing having to have to ask for a pen and a piece of paper. It looks professional being prepared.

10. Yourself

Finally don’t forget to take yourself. Smartly dressed, confident and prompt to your interview on time with your smart bag of essential tools for your job interview.