Job Interview Body Language

If you are currently preparing for your next job interview then you may feel confident and prepared in terms of your knowledge and your work experience but have you thought about your body language and your communications?

If this hasn’t already crossed your mind then it is not too late to perfect this part of the interview right by reading our tips on body language.

Clock Watching

Keeping your eye on your watch or constantly clock watching can be very rude. Clock watching shows that you are not paying attention to the person you are talking to and that you mentally want to be somewhere else. If you honestly need to be somewhere at a specific time then you need to tell your interviewer beforehand so that they can find out all they need to know about you within a set amount of time.

Crossed Arms

Many people cross their arms naturally however in an interview you should try and stop this from happening. Crossed arms can indicate to the interviewer that you are being guarded and tense and will not make a good impression.

Eye Contact

Once you think about eye contact this can make you feel uncomfortable with the situation you are in as you don’t know what to do and where to look. In an interview you do not need to feel this way and it is important to always look at the interviewer when in conversation. Take a notebook with you and you can always look away to refer something if you start to feel uncomfortable or write some notes down.

Facial Expressions

You want to come across to the interviewer as a someone that they want to employ; yawning, rolling your eyes and scowling are not going to get you very far. Instead focus your full attention on the interviewer. It does not take much to smile which can make you look like a friendly and trustworthy person.


Being fidgety and unsettled can be awkward for yourself and for the interviewer. It shows that you are not comfortable in the situation that you are in which does not give much hope to the interviewer. Try your best to concentrate on the interview you are in.


A handshake can show the type of person you are. A weak handshake can translate to a lack of confidence whereas a really tight strong handshake can be quite aggressive. Meet somewhere in the middle with a firm handshake to show you are confident and polite. Try and keep the nerves at bay as no one likes a sweaty handshake!

Personal Space

It is important to think about personal space in an interview. If you get too close to your interviewer and do not leave at least a gap of one and a half to two foot then you could make your interviewer feel very uncomfortable.


If you are worried about your body language in an interview then have a some practice beforehand with family and friends. Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself talking. Try to keep a good posture, stand up straight and be as professional as you can be. This is a great exercise to do before any future job interview and can help increase your confidence.