Climbing the Career Ladder in 2016

The Career Ladder

Climbing the career ladder can be one of the most difficult things to do, but once we get higher up the ladder it can be one of the best feelings ever. Successfully climbing the career ladder means we have made the achievements we have wanted to and it can be very rewarding both financially and mentally. If you are still looking at the year ahead and working through your New Year’s resolutions, then maybe climbing the career ladder is something you are looking to achieve this year.

At Debbie Burbage Recruitment we have put together this guide to climbing the career ladder with a few hints and tips to help you take the steps you need to in your employment.

Get To Know Who You Are Working For

Some people have the attitude that they go to work, they work the hours that they are paid for and then they go home as soon as those hours have ended. This is the wrong attitude to have towards your job if you want to step up that career ladder. If you get to know the company you are working for you gain an interest in what your company does, what it provides to its customers and who those customers are. Get to know your manager and your colleagues and become a likeable person in the workplace. If you want to shy away from everyone then unfortunately this will not get you noticed and could impact you furthering your career.

Once you start to have an interest in your job and the company that you are working for then you become naturally interested in the job that you do. This will help you as it will make your days at work easier and more interesting. It will also help you further your career as you will want to do more for that company.

Work You Way From The Bottom To The Top

The best way to progress in your career is to work your way from the bottom to the top. If there is a company you really want to work for, but you are not experienced enough to land yourself in a higher positioned role then you can always start in a junior position and work your way to a senior position. This will always benefit you as you are showing to the company that you are willing to progress in your career and become more experienced in your job role.

Take On Extra Responsibilities & Challenge Yourself

Work your way to the top by challenging yourself. Take on extra responsibilities that are not necessarily in your job role. These could be staying longer at work, taking on extra jobs and helping those that are in a more senior role to yourself. Ask your manager or colleagues if there is anything else that you can do to help. Note these extra activities down and you can use these in future job applications.

Grab Every Opportunity Possible

If a more senior job role arises then go for it! Even if you are not quite ready for the job, the fact that you have made that job application shows that you are willing to take the next step. It shows to your company that you want to progress in your career and it also means that they may help you get to where you want to be. Job interviews are a good way to gain experience. You will find out what experience you need for that job role and you can go away with these facts and work on those points for the next job interview you have.

Future Prospects

Always have confidence in yourself. You have made the decision that you wish to progress in your career. Some may find this easier than others, and some may find it slightly harder and take longer than others. Don’t give up on yourself. As long as you are willing to get to where you want to be then one day it will be your turn to step into the job that is right for you.