A New Year, A New Job!

It is that time of year again where we look at the year ahead and we come up with our New Year’s Resolutions so that we can plan what we want to achieve throughout the year. At Debbie Burbage Recruitment we have put together a few hints and tips for you to meet your New Year’s Resolutions and further in your career in 2016.

1. Update Your CV

The beginning of the year is always the best time of the year to update your CV. Look back on the previous year and update your CV with any experience you may of gained along with any new qualifications you have also achieved. Add your LinkedIn address to your CV so that employers can then research into you more, where they can then see a photo of you along with more information on previous job roles you have had, qualifications and experience you have gained.

2. Get Yourself Online

Being online is the best way to get yourself noticed in today’s world. Make sure that you have strong social media accounts so that employers can easily find you online and are able to research who you are. LinkedIn is the best social media account to have for when searching for jobs. LinkedIn can be an extension to your CV where you can expand your points in more detail and go into more depth about the experience and the achievements which you have gained over the previous years.

3. Get Yourself Noticed

If you want to progress in your career then it is best to get yourself noticed and stand out. Show your employers that you want to progress so that they are aware that you want to further your career. Do more than you are required to do at work to show that you are serious about stepping up in your career ladder. Give your employers daily or weekly updates to show the extra work you have done. Get feedback from your employers as positive and negative feedback will help you in your progression.


4. Go The Extra Mile

Whether you are searching for a new job or wanting to progress in the career you are currently in then always go the extra mile. A new job means a new set of skills and experience. Research into the experience you need to take the next step in your career and show your employer that you are capable of taking on a new job or new role.

5. Have Patience

Good things come to those who wait. Having patience can be rewarding in the future. If you push too hard for something too quickly then you will only be disappointed when you are not given the job you want or the promotion you have been after. If you are pushing too much for a new job or a new promotion then this may only weaken the confidence the employer has in you. You have to remember that there is a reason you have not yet had that promotion or been given the job you want so if you are patient then you may not have to wait very long for your time to come.

6. Stick To Your Goals

Like everything in life it is easy to give up quickly and the same can go for progressing in your career. At Debbie Burbage Recruitment we believe that it is best to stick to your goals and not to give up. If you are looking for a new job then don’t apply to all jobs at once. Take your time and apply for a new job every two weeks to spread out your applications. This also gives you time to research each job carefully and gives you the necessary time to apply for each job.

If you are wanting to progress in your career and gain a promotion later in the year then you will need to prove yourself. It is not as easy as just getting a promotion or a pay rise when you ask for one, you have to show that you deserve it and are capable of taking on the extra responsibilities. Approach your employer to say that you would like to further your career and then over time you can build up the experience you need by taking on extra work and extra responsibilities to gain the experience you need.