5 Career Tips For Successful Job Searching

At Debbie Burbage Recruitment we believe that if you are not entirely happy in the career you are in then you should consider looking elsewhere. Gone are the days where you could stay in the same job for 40 years before retiring. If you are thinking about spending some time looking at what other jobs are out there to further your career then take note of the following tips.

1. Use 1 Hour a Day to Job Search

You may be putting off job searching as there is an old myth that job searching is a full time job, however you can afford to spare an hour each day to search and apply for jobs. Use 20 minutes to search for jobs online, a further 20 minutes to tailor your CV to the jobs you want to apply for and then use the last 20 minutes to start networking and connecting to those in your industry.

2. Some Work Experience is Better than None

When searching for jobs on LinkedIn you may see that you only tick a few boxes in the match to the job you are looking at. Don’t let this put you off. This is a good opportunity to refresh your LinkedIn profile to suit the potential recruiters that may view your profile, so long as you have had the experience. Highlight the most important areas so that they can see that you are a good match. If you still feel as though you don’t tick all the boxes then you should still apply for the job and explain that you are willing to learn to further your career as some employees do offer training for cases such as this.

3. A Strong LinkedIn Profile is as Important as a Strong CV

If you want to sell yourself then your first marketplace is on LinkedIn. Keep your profile up to date with all of your work experience, your skills and your qualifications. When you apply for a job then this is often the first place a recruiter will go to find out more information about yourself.

4. Tailor Your CV to Each Job Application

Gone are the days you can use one CV for all job applications. Most jobs will vary ever so slightly, even if it is for the same role, different companies require different skills and experience. Work on your CV with the job application details by your side and back up your points with examples of where you have gained or used your skills in the workplace.

5. Gain Experience with Job Interviews

There may be jobs out there that don’t entirely suit what you are looking for. However there is no harm in applying for roles that are out there even if you manage to get an interview. You can gain a lot of experience with job interviews and also gain confidence. If you are offered a job and it wasn’t something you wanted to go for then you can always decline.