Why First Impressions Do Count

Are you putting enough thought into your image when you turn up for a job interview?

A candidate is most likely to spend around an hour getting ready for an interview, decides on the outfit two days before and can spend up to £100 on new clothes to make the right first impression.

While women take slightly longer to preen on the day, men are more dedicated to their look in the run up to the interview:

  • Female job seekers spend  on average 53 minutes getting ready
  • Male job seekers spend on average 44 minutes getting ready
  • 42%  of Male job seekers enquire about the dress code before the interview
  • 29% of Female job seekers enquire about the dress code before the interview
  • Male job seekers are more likely to get a haircut and invest in a new outfit for the interview
  • Male job seekers would still wear a suit and tie to the interview (even on the hottest day)

Your CV will have already sold your capabilities to do the job but the employers will use the interview to learn about you the person and will be paying attention to your appearance and presentation. First impressions really do count.

Invest some time in preparing your image and style, make sure you are comfortable in your outfit and it is suitable for the occasion and the culture of the company. Check the dress code so you fit in with your interviewers, this will put you ahead of the competitors as soon as you walk through the door