Dressing Appropriately for Summer Job Interviews

We have been lucky enough to of had quite a hot and sunny summer so far and although we shouldn’t complain, there are times when the heat can become quite a nuisance especially when going for a job interview. As much as you would like to slip on a strapless dress or shorts and a tropical print shirt, it will not get you very far in a job interview. Even if the heat is unbearable you still need to stick to the basic dress attire of any job interview and try and look as smart as possible. After all your first impression to the interviewer will always count the most.

Give a Good First Impression

It has been said that an impression and someone’s perception of yourself is formed within just three seconds. This is why it is so important to make that first impression count by looking smart and looking like you have made an effort for the job interview. Even if it is quite a casual business, looking smart will make you look professional and show that you are serious about the job you are interviewing for.

Research the Company

Before any job interview it is most important that you research the company first and see what they are like. Take a look at the ‘About Us’ section on their website, read about their ‘History’. If there is a ‘Meet the Team’ page then this is always useful to see what kind of people work there and to read a bit about each of them. It will more than likely be someone on that page that interviews you. Take a look at their social media such as Facebook and Twitter and this way you will be able to gain a bit more of an insight into that company and see how each member of staff dresses. Use this as a guide to help you decide what to wear, but remember to always look smart.

Always Try on Beforehand

Use the day or the night before to try on your outfit so that you know which outfit is the right one to wear. If you try it on during the day then you will get an idea of how it is going to feel on and you can feel how comfortable it is to wear on a warm day. That way it gives you some time to change certain pieces of the outfit to suit the day it is going to be. Looking at the weather forecast is also handy to know in advance what to wear to suit sunshine or rain.

Wear Sensible Shoes

Even though in the summer we live in flip flops and sandals, it is always best to make sure you wear appropriate footwear in the form of something smart and sensible. For men this could be a smart pair of black shoes and for women a nice pair of mid heeled shoes or some smart pumps would be perfect for any job interview. You may have to dig them out of your shoe box in the cupboard, so make sure that you give them a good clean and polish beforehand.

Control the Heat

You don’t have to layer up to look smart, especially in the summer. A short sleeve shirt or a short sleeved dress will do just fine and you can always take a smart jacket with you to pop on to walk into the interview in. Also most office building’s are air conditioned so you should be okay. If you do struggle with sweating in the muggy British heat then you needn’t worry, it is only natural. Patterned shirts or dresses are good for masking any unwanted patches and stick to 100% cotton to let your skin breathe.

Baring Arms and Legs

Candidates often wonder how much of their arms and legs can be on show for a job interview. Interviewers aren’t going to expect you to cover up completely on a hot day, so for women a knee length short sleeved dress would be fine with a jacket you can put on just before your interview, which can always be taken off. Strapless or thin strapped dresses should be avoided. For men a short sleeved shirt and full length trousers are perfectly acceptable. A jacket would be smart to wear when entering the interview and can be taken off if it gets too hot.

Debbie Burbage Recruitment Tip

Interviews can be a nerve wrecking experience for anyone and the summer heat can sometimes make it so much worse. The best thing to do is stay calm and positive. Make sure you are hydrated and have had a nice cold drink of water beforehand. The calmer that you stay the less likely you are to get all hot and bothered. Overall make sure you enjoy the experience the best you can and do your best to show that you are perfect for the job you are applying for. Job interviews are all about selling yourself, so do what you can to prove that you are the best candidate out there.