Attending Job Interviews will Boost your Confidence

Job searching can be one of the hardest tasks ever and can take weeks before you hear anything back regarding the applications you have made. In terms of needing a job we may sometimes apply to jobs that we may not particularly want in the hope that we are successful with the more preferable choice. After many job applications are made you may be invited to attend a job interview for a job that you weren’t overly interested in, leaving you with the decision of whether you should attend or not. At Debbie Burbage Recruitment we highly recommend that you attend all job interviews available to you, after all practice makes perfect and the more experience you gain through numerous job interviews the more your confidence will grow over time.

Practice Makes Perfect

It is always best to keep your options open when it comes to accepting a job offer, even though you have been invited to a job interview doesn’t always mean you will be offered the job or that you even have to accept the job. The safest thing to do is to attend all job interviews you are invited to and then this will keep your options open. Once you have experienced each interview you will know which company you would most prefer to work for. After many interviews you will find that they all will ask very similar questions about yourself so after you have attended several job interviews your confidence will grow in being able to answer those particular questions.

Shop Around for the Best Offer

We live in a world where there is plenty of choice so most of the time we like to shop around to see what is out there and to see what has the best offer. This also applies in the job market; it is always best to keep your options open so by attending as many interviews as possible will allow you to see what is available to you. Attending several interviews will also allow you to compare each job role, although they may be for similar positions the responsibilities may differ between each company.

Gain the Upper Hand

Having many offers on the table will give you an advantage. Having many companies asking you for an interview is a great sign and will give you a strong sense of value in the job market. If you have more than one company offering you a job then you can use this as leverage, for example if one company is offering you a larger salary or more flexible hours then you can use this to see if the other company will offer the same. If they don’t then you know which job offer to accept.

The Unexpected Job Offer

There may be a job interview that you may not want to go to, but by doing so it may turn out to be the job role you would be most comfortable in. On the other hand it could also make you realise that the role was not for you and may make your mind clearer in deciding what you want to do, especially if you have many job offers on the table.

The best thing to do is attend all job interviews that you are invited to. After all each job interview is an opportunity, it is an opportunity to sell yourself and also to network with others meeting new people and new companies. After several interviews you will notice a boost in your confidence and the ability to talk about yourself in a particular way to strengthen your chances of being successful in a job application.