Steps to Take After Accepting a Job Offer

So you have been through the nerve racking interview process and after what seems like an age of waiting for the phone to ring you receive the long-awaited job offer. After accepting the position you will be full of excitement at this new opportunity, jumping for joy and celebrating with friends and family. Most of the time you are given fair notice of when you are going to start your new career, giving you time to hand in your notice and prepare for a new start. Most candidates are unaware of how important preparation is prior to starting a new job. Some would see this as time to just relax and treat it as a holiday, but this is essential preparation time. At Debbie Burbage Recruitment we have come up with a few handy tips to help with this transition.

Step 1 – Boost your Knowledge

Use the time you have before starting your new job to boost your knowledge. Find out as much as you can about the company you’re going to be working for and try to gain a general overview of the industry that you are going to be stepping into. Look back at the notes you made at the interview and really get to know the company. Make sure you understand the key points of the job role you are going to be working in and what is expected of you.

Step 2 – Get to Know your Colleagues

Find out as much as you can about the team you are going to be working with in your new job role. Use LinkedIn to find out a bit more about your colleagues and connect with them. This way you will be able to recognise those you are working with as soon as you step into the office and they will also have been able to get to know you beforehand.

Step 3 – Go Shopping

A new job role is a great excuse to go shopping. Treat yourself to a brand new work wardrobe and this will make starting your new job even more exciting. A new job means a ‘new you’ so invest in some fresh new clothes, shoes and a new work bag. Why not visit the hairdressers whilst you are out and about. A nice new haircut will make you look super smart on your first day at work. Make sure that you understand what the company dress code is – you don’t want to walk in all “suited and booted” if everyone else is looking quite casual in jeans and a shirt.

Step 4 – Get Your Work Toolbox Ready

Like your first day at school, make sure you have your work toolbox ready. Find out what you will need for your new job and make sure you have everything that you need. This could be just a notepad and pen or if you are walking into a job where you will need to be quite mobile then you may need to invest in a laptop. This could well be provided for you so it is worth finding out.

Step 5 – Relax

Once you have completed all of the above then you can relax. It is important to use any spare time you have to relax before starting a new job role so that you can start your first day all fresh-faced and de-stressed.