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It’s not Blue Monday, It’s You Monday

We have been going through tough times, I hope my words lift and support you.

I wish you a year that enables you to move into your own power and create the life you truly desire, I wish this for you all year round, not as a New Year goodwill gesture. We have the power within us to  shape our perception of the world around us, through adversity we somehow find the strength to  overcome the challenges that have been set before us. We can either grow stronger and start to flourish or we can choose to remain feeling lost and floundering.

I don’t know about you, but for me 2021 so far feels a bit like “Ground Hog Day”, we are back in lock down, more of us know family or friends that have been affected by COVID and for some their journeys in this world have ended, but they live on in our hearts.

I am here for you as more than a recruiter; I make this commitment to you that I will share guidance not only to help you in work but also in life.

I feel blessed that my life’s purpose is to work with people and help them secure jobs that make them happy, that gives them that sense of worth and is another step in their life’s journey.

It seems at this moment in time, emotions are “running high” and some are finding it difficult in their place of work, or working from home, I say to you “take a deep breath, see the other person as you, and do your upmost to stay grounded and in your peaceful state”

To attract the job you desire you need to be happy in the one you are in, otherwise you will attract the same problems but in another company, if you focus on what you don’t want in a role, that is what you will attract.

Likewise, by turning your focus on how you can make your current role more interesting you will be happier, it will be easier to focus on what you do want and at interview you will shine, as that glow will be coming from within.

If you are sat at home panicking because you are looking for work, you are spending hours scanning the jobs boards, applying for anything and everything, you haven’t a clue what you have applied for, what is that energy likely to attract? STOP……… breath, ask yourself “what job do I want?” and then calmly focus on that, do a job search once a day, apply for relevant roles only, trust in you and know that you are going to get what you desire. Then get on with the rest of your day, put some music on, dance, sing, move and feel your energy start to increase. Call or text friends and ask how they are, go for a walk, pamper yourself, and see the world you are creating in your minds eye, feel how it feels and enjoy.

Have a wonderful day and remember, all the small steps add up and you are a shining beacon of light in this world.