How To Fall In Love With Your Job

There are two types of jobs in the world, a job you love and enjoy and a job you have just to bring some money in to pay the bills. It may be that you loved your career to begin with but now things have become boring and unsatisfying.

At Debbie Burbage Recruitment we believe that it is important to love your job and if you really despise your job then it is time for a career change and time to look for a new job. This Valentine’s Day we want you to learn to fall in love with your job all over again and this is how…

Think of the Positives

List the positive elements of your job role and remember the reasons you joined the company you work for. Perhaps you have fallen into the same pattern with work each day and it is time to get yourself out of that pattern and back into a more exciting role. Speak up and ask to do something different to change it up a bit.

Use Your Strengths

 Use the strengths that won your your job title. Perhaps you are unsatisfied because you are not using your strengths to your best ability. List down your strengths and look at areas in your job role to use these strengths. Perhaps ask for a change in department or some new exciting work to do. Sometimes a small change can make the biggest impact.

Love Your Team

Perhaps you have fallen out of love with your career because you do not feel part of the team. Start falling in love with the team you work with, these are the people you share each day with so it is important that you get to know them. Start showing an interest in your colleagues by asking them questions whether it is about work or having a personal interest in them, even if it is as simple as ‘How is your day going?’. This will start bringing you into the team and can make each day that bit better by getting on with those you work with. If you feel you would like an input on something you are working for, ask someone to help you, this is a great way to bring different strengths together.

Open Up About Yourself

To become part of the team at work you may also want to open up a bit more about yourself to get people to know you. Share your personal interests, you may just find out that you have more things in common with those you work with than you first presumed.

Love Yourself

Most importantly you need to learn to love yourself and realise your importance to the company you work for. Remind yourself of the work you do and the hours you put in each day. Do not let anyone make you feel worthless as this can make your career unsatisfying. Stand out from the crowd and show off the strengths you have to succeed.