Job Searching With Social Media

As technology has evolved over the years so has the way we live. Social Media has become a strong presence today and it is not just used for personal use it is also used largely by businesses who want to promote products and services. Businesses and recruiters also use social media as a way of finding the perfect candidate for job vacancies they have to offer.

It is time-consuming to go through many CVs which are sent in for job applications, so today many companies will select a handful of potential candidates and then will conduct further research by taking a look at their online social media profiles. This is a great way to find out that bit more about an individual by taking a look into what they do, looking at their hobbies and taking a look at what they have done in a previous job role.



Facebook is used by many for personal use. Facebook is like an online diary for many users who like to post daily updates with photos and stories about what has happened throughout their day. Users and particularly job applicants must be careful with their Facebook profile that they do not post anything that may be offensive towards those that take a look at their profile. They must also stay clear of mentioning anything negative about the workplace. It does not look good to any employer if you have posted something negative about the company you work for and especially the individuals you work for or with such as managers and colleagues. Keep a clean profile posting positive entries into your Facebook account. Also be wary of photos you post. If you are applying for jobs you want to be seen as a sensible and professional person.

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Google+ is a growing social network that may not be as popular as other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It is best to have as many social media accounts as possible so that you can be reached from all networks and potential employers can connect with you. On Google+ you can share your interests and can post daily updates about yourself to friends and followers.

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Instagram & Pinterest


Instagram and Pinterest are both visual social media sites. This is a great way to express what you are interested in and can always be used to show visual work and exercises you have completed. For example if you are a fashion student you can take pictures of University/ College projects you have completed so that potential employers can see your work in the way of an online portfolio. Posting through Instagram and Pinterest is also a great way for employers to see your interests by the pictures you post to your profile. Instagram is mainly used through the App but each account can be viewed on online. Pinterest can be used both online and through the App.



LinkedIn is one of the best social media accounts to have when applying for jobs. It is a social networking site dedicated to recruitment agencies, businesses and individual candidates. LinkedIn allows you to create an online profile which also acts as an extension to your CV. You are able to add all the work experience you have had to date in detail. You are able to state the job roles you have had and describe all the responsibilities you had for each job. LinkedIn is perfect for recruiters and candidates as it is a way for them to see how much experience you have had before. Companies that advertise job vacancies through LinkedIn let candidates apply directly through the social media site so that candidates do not have to go elsewhere to apply and this also gives the employer a chance to connect with potential candidates.

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Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites. Twitter is a great way to find out what a particular individual has an interest in. You can see information about that particular personal and can see what they are interested in by the posts that they Tweet and Retweet. You can also see how many people have an interest in them by the amount of followers they have. Employers and candidates can link to each other by pressing Follow which means they can keep in touch or the employer can keep up to date with what they candidate is posting during the application process.

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