What to Wear for a Summer Job Interview

It is that time of year where you don’t know what the British weather is going to do but with the heatwave that has settled in for the beginning of the Summer 2018, many candidates preparing for job interviews will be wondering what to wear in this unbearable heat.

Fear not, Debbie Burbage Recruitment are here to help. Read on to find some useful tips in what to wear for your upcoming job interview.

Research the Company

Research the company beforehand to get an idea of what the employees of that company wear. Check out the company’s social media accounts, as that is a good way of looking inside the company and finding photos of employees. Go for something similar to what they are wearing.

Choose an Appropriate Outfit

With weather Apps on your phone it is easy to predict the weather for your interview. Always choose something prior to your interview and have it washed and ironed and ready to wear on the day of your interview. It might be so hot that you would prefer a strapless dress or a tropical print shirt but think smart office dress – this is the type of attire you are always safe with for an interview.

First Impressions Count

A first impression can last a lifetime. Think of a first impression as selling yourself. You have on average 3 seconds to make a good first impression so what you wear and how you appear are most important. You may be dreading the interview, especially in the summer heat but it is only for a fraction of the day so smarten up and get through the next couple of hours with extreme confidence.

Wear Sensible Footwear

You may have a number of flip flops and sandals by the front door that you have been living in but these are not what you should wear for a job interview. A smart pair of black or tan shoes would be good for men and for women a pair of mid heeled shoes or pumps would be most suitable. Make sure you give them a clean and polish ready to put on before you leave the house. If you have bought a new pair of shoes always wear them around the house beforehand so you get used to them and avoid any blisters.

Stay Cool

Avoid layers in the summer time, a three piece suit may look good but you will only boil in the summer heat. A short sleeve shirt or short sleeve dress will be fine for a summer job interview. You can always wear a smart jacket to wear into the interview room and then remove it when you sit down for the job interview. Try to stick to wearing something that is 100% cotton as that will keep you cool. If you are worried about sweat patches then patterned shirts or dresses are good for hiding marks.

Showing your Legs and Arms

If you are worried about showing your legs and arms in an interview then there really is no need to worry. Interviewers will not expect you to cover up completely on a hot summers day. For a woman a knee length short sleeved dress and a jacket that you can remove is perfectly acceptable. For men a short sleeved shirt and a smart pair of trousers will look suitable. Again a jacket to wear into the interview will be professional and can be removed if you get too hot.

Debbie Burbage Recruitment Tip

At Debbie Burbage Recruitment, based in Northampton, we understand that interviews can be a nerve wrecking experience and that the summer heat can add to the stress. The best advice we can give us to stay calm and positive. Stay hydrated in the summer heat and make sure you have a cold drink of water prior to your interview.

Overall enjoy the experience and be confident enough to show that you are the best for the job you are applying for. Job interviews give you the opportunity to sell yourself, so think of this as your window of opportunity to shine.