Working Preferences

Position: Finance Director, Head of Finance

Salary Sought £100,000 +

Availability – 3 days notice

Locations: Cambridgeshire, North Northamptonshire or remote

Embracing the Future with a Multifaceted Professional

In the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workforce, it’s rare to encounter a candidate who not only understands the dynamics of various industries but also possesses a deep-seated passion for making a tangible difference. This profile delves into the aspirations, skills, and the unique ethos of a candidate who is more than just a sum of their experiences; they are a beacon of positive change and assertive collaboration.

Core Values: Transcending Boundaries

At the heart of this candidate’s philosophy lies a quest to transcend – to go beyond the ordinary in both personal and professional realms.

What is important in life?

To this individual, it’s about leaving a lasting impact that resonates on multiple levels: the global community, local circles, and within themselves.

Ideal Role: A Canvas for Impact

Envision a role where every day brings an opportunity to contribute positively, creating ripples of change that extend far beyond the office walls. This candidate seeks a position that is not just a job, but a platform for meaningful engagement with the world. It’s about blending passion with purpose, where their actions contribute to a larger narrative of progress and innovation.

The Ideal Employer: A Symphony of Assertiveness and Collaboration

In an ideal employer, this candidate seeks a blend of assertiveness and collaborative spirit. They envision a workplace where bold ideas meet the collective wisdom of a team, creating an environment that is as dynamic as it is productive.

Career Aspirations: A Journey of Growth and Contribution

The candidate’s career aspirations are twofold: to continuously hone and share their extensive skillset and to play an instrumental role in the financial and ethical success of a business. It’s about being proactive, not just in task execution, but in personal and professional development, always with an eye on the broader impact of their work.

Skillset: A Mosaic of Talent and Potential

This candidate brings a diverse array of skills to the table:

  • Exceptional work ethic and reliability
  • Quick-minded with a sharp wit
  • Multidisciplinary approach
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Approachability and shrewdness
  • Solution-oriented mindset
  • International exposure
  • Dynamic leadership and team-building capabilities
  • Hands-on, innovative, and forward-thinking approach

Employee Development: Seeing the Whole Picture

A unique expectation from their new employer is the desire for holistic employee development. This individual believes in the potential within each team member and seeks an environment where every aspect of an employee’s skills and personality is nurtured and valued.

Most and Least Enjoyed Roles: A Spectrum of Experiences

Enjoyment in their roles comes from innovation, learning, and success. This candidate thrives in environments that are conducive to personal and professional growth. Conversely, they find little joy in settings where cruelty or mean-spiritedness prevails, especially towards junior staff.

Strengths and Areas for Improvement: A Balanced Self-View

Recognising their strengths, the candidate cites their proactive attitude, organisational skills, strong business acumen, empathy, and supportiveness as key assets. In terms of areas for growth, they candidly acknowledge a need to improve in sales, particularly in self-promotion, with a light-hearted acknowledgment of its importance.

In summary, this candidate from Debbie Burbage Recruitment is not just seeking a job; they are seeking a journey. A journey that allows them to weave their skills, aspirations, and values into the fabric of an organisation that values impact, collaboration, and holistic growth. Their career path is more than a series of roles; it’s a narrative of continuous learning, contribution, and transcendent aspirations.

If you are interested in this candidate, please get in touch with the team at Debbie Burbage Recruitment by emailing debbie@debbieburbage.co.uk