Financial Controller, Head Of Finance, Group Accountant


I am a CIMA-qualified accountant, well-versed in the full spectrum of finance. At present, I spearhead the accounting department and liaise directly with the company directors.

My expertise spans handling accounts for companies with turnovers within the SME realm. During my tenure at my current company, I’ve been at the forefront of several successful IT system implementations.

My organisational acumen ensures the efficient completion of projects, while my adept communication skills have enabled me to foster valuable business relationships. I frequently collaborate with our auditors, banking partners, insurers, and software vendors.

After dedicating 20+ years to my current company, I’m eager to embark on a new challenge, leveraging and expanding upon my existing skill set.


I am keenly interested in a local and stable position that offers the right balance of challenge — one that’s consistently busy but not overwhelmingly so.

I highly value a supportive and reliable employer, one who appreciates flexibility. In my roles, I deeply appreciate autonomy, as it allows me to excel and tap into my full potential.

My strong suits include exceptional time management, an ability to thrive under pressure, and a combination of adaptability and flexibility. I approach work with an easy-going nature and have a deep-seated sense of loyalty.


What’s important to me in my life is stability, flexibility, deriving joy from every experience, and cherishing my family.


I am passionate about taking long walks with my dog, participating in gym classes, dining out, enjoying weekend getaways, and cherishing moments spent with my family.


I possess impeccable organisational and time management skills, complemented by my expertise in people management and team leadership.

My ability to build effective relationships is central to my success. Proficient in project management, I have a knack for process and system implementation. My methodical approach, combined with flexibility and a keen eye for detail, ensures excellence in every task.

My communication is characterised by diplomacy, tact, and a strong capacity to influence. Furthermore, I’m highly adaptable and adept at setting priorities.


Role: Financial Controller, Head of Finance, Group Accountant

Location: Northampton and within 30-minute commute

Availability: 12 weeks’ notice

Salary: circa £75,000 per annum

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