Assistant Accountant/Assistant Management Accountant


I’m a highly adaptable and collaborative team member, known for my strong work ethic and commitment to excellence in every task. I take constructive criticism positively, using it as a tool for professional growth. My varied career has equipped me with management skills and a deep understanding of diverse business needs. I’m driven not only by my own growth but also by a passion to contribute significantly to the success and evolution of the company I work with, combining dedication and a constant pursuit of excellence.

Additionally, I’m keen to deepen my understanding of costing, forecasting, budgeting, and VAT, areas crucial to my desired role. While I consider myself to have strong communication skills, my experience interacting with high-level managers and other departments has been limited. Thus, I’m eager for opportunities to engage more broadly within an organization, believing such exposure will not only enhance my skills but also bolster my confidence. Regular interactions and updates with managers and senior team members, I believe, will significantly contribute to strengthening my self-assurance in my professional capabilities.


My ideal next step in my career is to become an Assistant Management Accountant, a role that would allow me to continue the work I was doing in my previous position while also advancing my skills. Two aspects are paramount for me in this role. First is the support for my ongoing education. I’m currently progressing through level 4 of AAT and have ambitions to study ACCA or CIMA subsequently. Being in a supportive environment that understands and encourages this educational journey would be immensely beneficial. I firmly believe in reciprocating this support through unwavering loyalty and hard work. Second, I’m looking for a company where I can plant my roots long-term and grow alongside the business. Opportunities for progression are crucial to me, and I value regular, constructive feedback and mentorship. I’m always eager to learn and improve, and guidance from those who have already navigated this path would be invaluable.


Currently, my family is my foremost priority. My wife, daughter, and our little puppy; their well-being and happiness are the driving forces behind my ambition to succeed and grow. They inspire me to be the best version of myself, a motivation that extends into my professional life. This dedication to my family shapes my approach to challenges and goals, infusing my work with the same values of integrity, compassion, and enthusiasm that I cherish at home. In essence, they are my anchor and my compass, deeply influencing every aspect of my life.


I love spending time with my family and friends, which is a big part of my life. I’m a big sports fan, especially football, enjoying both playing and watching games. Fishing is another activity I enjoy when I have the chance, as it’s a great way to relax and connect with nature. These hobbies, combining excitement and calm, make my leisure time enjoyable and fulfilling.


  • Hard working, eager to learn and get stuck in
  • Dedicated and loyal
  • Experience running teams
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office including intermediate Excel
  • Creating Pivot Tables & VLOOKUPs


Role: Assistant Accountant/Assistant Management Accountant

Availability: 1 Week Notice

Location: Towcester

Salary: circa £35,000 per annum

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