Working Preferences

Position: Accounts Assistant

Salary Sought £30,000 +

Availability – 4 weeks notice

Locations: Milton Keynes

Embracing the Future with a Multifaceted Professional

In the world of recruitment, it’s rare to come across a candidate who not only possesses a clear vision for their career but also embodies a well-rounded and balanced approach to life. Our candidate, currently seeking an analyst role in profit and loss and management accounts, stands out as a beacon of such qualities.

Core Values: Family, Health, and New Experiences

At the heart of our candidate’s values lie family, health, and the pursuit of new experiences. This trinity of values shapes not only their personal life but also their professional endeavours. They understand that a fulfilling career doesn’t just mean success in the office but also thriving in personal well-being and relationships.

Ideal Role: Analyst in Finance

Their ideal role is meticulously defined – an analyst deeply engaged in profit and loss and management accounts. This choice isn’t just a career preference; it reflects their passion for numbers and the intricate dance of finance within a business.

Employer Expectations: Support and Balance

When it comes to their expectations from an employer, our candidate prioritises professional development and a healthy work-life balance. They seek support towards attaining a professional accounting qualification, indicating a commitment to continuous learning and growth in their field.

Career Aspirations: Chartered Accountant and Entrepreneurship

Their career aspirations are ambitious yet grounded. Aspiring to become a chartered accountant and eventually helm their own company, they showcase a blend of technical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit.

Key Skills: Problem-Solving and Excel Mastery

The candidate brings a wealth of skills to the table, notably in problem-solving and intermediate Excel capabilities, including pivot tables, VLOOKUP, and SUMIFS. These skills are fundamental in finance and analytics roles, positioning them as a valuable asset to any team.

Skills Development: Enhancing Presentation Skills

Recognising the importance of continuous improvement, they express a desire to enhance their presentation skills. This shows a keen understanding that technical expertise must be complemented by effective communication.

Most Enjoyed Role: Assistant Accountant

Reflecting on past roles, the candidate found the greatest satisfaction in their position as an assistant accountant. This role allowed them to broaden their skill set, laying a robust foundation for their career progression.

Least Enjoyed Role: Warehouse Operative

Conversely, their time as a warehouse operative, while valuable, was less fulfilling due to its repetitive and physically demanding nature, deviating from their core interests and strengths.

Strengths: Critical Thinking and Initiative

They identify critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and initiative as key strengths. These attributes are crucial in navigating the complex and dynamic landscape of finance and business.

Areas for Improvement: Advanced Excel Formulas

Eager to refine their skill set, the candidate aims to master advanced Excel formulas, underscoring their commitment to precision and efficiency in handling extensive data.

Personal Life: A Passion for Sports and Fitness

Outside of work, they are a passionate Arsenal fan, a regular at the gym, and enjoy playing football with friends. These hobbies reflect a person who values community, fitness, and personal enjoyment, essential for a well-balanced life.

In summary, this candidate from Debbie Burbage Recruitment is not just seeking a job but is on a journey to weave their personal values, professional skills, and aspirations into a meaningful career. Their blend of technical proficiency, personal growth ambitions, and well-rounded lifestyle make them an ideal candidate for any forward-thinking organisation.

If you are interested in this candidate, please get in touch with the team at Debbie Burbage Recruitment by emailing debbie@debbieburbage.co.uk