Purchase Ledger/Accounts Assistant/Management Accounts Assistant


I thrive on problem-solving, eagerly taking on even the most challenging tasks to devise the best solutions. My adept communication skills ensure I can articulate my findings clearly to peers. I approach my work with a consistently positive attitude and am always receptive to new opportunities. Furthermore, thanks to my time management skills, I consistently meet deadlines while upholding high standards.

My ultimate career goal is to become a Management Accountant, to achieve this, I am keen on pursuing and completing my CIMA qualification. Leveraging both the skills I’ve already acquired and those I’ll gain through my studies; I aspire to contribute significantly to a forward-thinking company that prioritises positive impact. While I take pride in recently attaining my full AAT status, I am equally eager to continuously refine and apply the knowledge I gain academically.


I am deeply driven in my professional pursuits and seek an employer who values nurturing their employees. I believe in the importance of regular check-ins to ensure alignment with objectives and deadlines. Ideally, employers should provide necessary support and consistently present opportunities for growth, allowing employees to fully realise their potential.

I am seeking a role that emphasises both personal and professional growth. It should allow me to utilise my existing skills while also facilitating the acquisition of new ones. The role should provide opportunities to both learn and implement the competencies gained from this endeavour. Ideally, I’d be part of a cohesive team capable of collaborating on large-scale projects. Yet, while members should have the autonomy to tackle individual tasks, the essence of mutual support should remain paramount.


I deeply cherish a balanced work-life equilibrium. As a recent AAT Qualified Accountant aiming for management accountant, I’m always on the lookout for avenues to acquire new skills and engage in diverse tasks. Outside the professional realm, family is my anchor and I treasure the moments we share together.


Family is a cornerstone of my life, and I deeply value the moments I share with them. On a personal front, exercise plays a pivotal role in my routine. I’ve dedicated 14 years to Taekwondo and as a testament to my commitment, I hold a black belt. Currently, I’m training to achieve my 2nd-degree black belt.


  • Flexible can-do attitude
  • IT Proficient – can easily learn new systems
  • Employee relations
  • Time Management
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office including intermediate Excel


Role: Purchase Ledger/Accounts Assistant/Management Accounts Assistant

Availability: 4 Weeks Notice Period

Location: Wellingborough

Salary: £25,000 – £30,000 per annum

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