Senior Financial Accountant / Finance Manager / Financial Controller


I am deeply committed to making a significant impact in my professional endeavours, driven by the principle of leaving everything better than I found it. This commitment extends beyond tasks and projects to nurturing great relationships both in my personal life and professional circles. I believe that true success is built on strong, collaborative relationships and a constant pursuit of self-improvement.

My professional skills are anchored in effective communication and leadership. I thrive as a team player, contributing to my company’s vision while also fostering a harmonious workplace. Skilled in conflict resolution and working with diverse personalities, I focus on bringing out the best in others. As a leader, I aim to inspire and motivate, ensuring that each team member feels integral to our collective success.


I’m looking for a role where I can truly make a difference, ensuring that my time and efforts contribute significantly to the organisation. A position where each day is filled with momentum, engaging conversations and the intellectual challenge of dissecting problems to devise effective solutions. I’m drawn to environments that embrace change and innovation, where doing things differently and striving for improvement is the norm. Collaborating synergistically with colleagues is important to me, as I believe in the power of collective effort. I aim to be a leader and a visionary, someone who not only has an impact but also adds substantial value to the team and the entire organisation.


Making a meaningful impact and creating positive change are core values that drive me. I am deeply committed to leaving things better than I found them, whether it’s in small daily interactions or larger projects. Building and maintaining great relationships, both personally and professionally, is also integral to my life. These connections not only enrich my experiences but also contribute to mutual growth and understanding. Striving to be the best version of myself in all aspects is a continuous journey for me, one that encompasses personal development, professional excellence, and making a lasting, positive difference in the world around me.


My leisure time is often spent immersed in the pages of a book, exploring new worlds and ideas through reading. In the kitchen, I enjoy the creativity of cooking, experimenting with recipes and flavours. Painting is another cherished hobby, where I express myself through colours and brushstrokes, finding a peaceful escape in each canvas. These activities bring me a great sense of joy and relaxation.


Effective communication
Leadership skills and contributing to the vision of the company
Team player
Effective communicator
Resolve conflict
Work with different people, bringing out the best in them
Being a leader


Role: Senior Financial Accountant / Finance Manager / Financial Controller

Availability: 1 Months Notice

Location: Milton Keynes

Salary: circa £80,000 per annum

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