Working Preferences

Position: Management Accountant

Salary Sought £50,000

Availability – 1 months notice

Locations: 30 to 45 minute commute from Northampton

Skills and Expertise

They bring valuable skills, including:

  • Extensive knowledge of IT systems and Microsoft Excel to improve efficiency.
  • Excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills vital for business dealings.
  • Continual Learning

They are always looking to improve their management and financial skills, seeing every job as a chance to learn and improve.

Flexible Work as the Ideal

They prefer a job that’s not just about sitting at a desk all day but one that focuses on achievements, no matter the challenge. Being able to balance work with family life is essential for them. They believe in working flexibly throughout the day, as this can lead to better results, especially within finance roles.

The Right Workplace: Supporting Growth

For this professional, the best employers are those that encourage learning and development. A great workplace is one where people can share ideas and grow from working collaboratively.

Career Goals: Looking Upward

They aim to become CIMA qualified and progress to a role as Head of Finance, showing their ambition and desire to contribute to their field significantly.

Finding Balance: A Finance Professional’s Path

In today’s world, where work often blends with personal life, meeting someone who maintains a good balance is unusual. This profile looks at a finance professional aiming for career success while living a balanced life focused on health, learning, and family.

Strengths and Areas to Grow

They are quick to learn, have a lot of experience, and maintain a positive outlook, making them good at building work relationships. At the same time, they recognise the importance of improving their weekly planning and setting achievable goals.

Varied Job Experiences

They really enjoyed being a Finance Manager, where they could try new things and work with people worldwide. However, a job that consisted largely of writing reports felt limiting, even if it was still a learning experience.

Well-being and Resilience at the Core

This person values a healthy lifestyle to stay mentally and physically fit, which they believe helps them take better care of their family. Their balanced life includes indoor climbing, badminton, sim racing, reading, and walking. These activities support their work life, helping them to be honest, respectful, and resilient.


This finance professional wants more than just a job; they are looking for a career that fits their values, promotes growth, and respects their life outside work. Their story shows the modern professional’s quest for jobs and employers that understand how personal happiness and professional success go hand in hand.

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