I aspire to engage in a role that embodies the perfect equilibrium, offering ample opportunities for learning, development, and achievement. I seek a supportive backbone in my manager and team, ensuring guidance without the compromise of autonomy, within a workspace that promotes openness and collective endeavour.


My ideal workplace is one that doesn’t just vocalise its core principles but actively integrates them into its daily operations. It values employee feedback, not merely collecting it but implementing constructive changes. It is a company with a vision for expansion and prosperity, paying significant heed to the journey – the “how” – of reaching these milestones.

I am eager to contribute to a company’s trajectory of success, comprehending my unique contribution to its progress. My professional satisfaction is derived not just from a well-defined long-term roadmap, but from immersing myself in a role that I love. This includes embracing the broader cultural aspects of my job – a vibrant company ethos, the creativity and skill of my peers, and an atmosphere brimming with positivity. My drive stems from accomplishing both personal objectives and broader company ambitions, making each day’s work fulfilling and purpose driven.


Achieving a harmonious work-life balance, relishing each day’s unique journey, and taking pride in executing my duties to the highest standard.


I have become a keen (if not always entirely successful!) gardener over recent years, and as a Finance person, I obviously have a specific budget for purchases and new ideas throughout the year!

While I begrudgingly try to maintain my fitness levels so that I can enjoy beautiful hikes in the Lake District and run around after my two Godchildren and young nephew, I am perhaps more of an armchair sports fan. My whole family love Formula One and tennis, while I also have a deep affection for Northampton Saints – plus a hog roast roll and delicious cider/hot chocolate at the matches, depending on the time of year!


I thrive on tackling complex problems and streamlining numerical data with utmost efficiency. Beyond that, I take pleasure in collaborating with peers across different departments, illustrating the significance of these figures. By engaging in active listening, I uncover fresh perspectives that highlight new opportunities, all aimed at propelling the business forward. This symbiotic exchange not only drives growth but also fosters a deeper understanding and shared commitment within our professional community.


Role: FP & A, Finance Analyst, Finance Manager

Availability: 3 Months’ Notice

Location: Within 30-45 minutes commute of Northampton, potentially longer if a hybrid role with only one or two days on-site per week

Salary: £60,000 – £65,000 per annum

If you are interested in this candidate, please get in touch with the team at Debbie Burbage Recruitment by emailing debbie@debbieburbage.co.uk