As a dynamic professional, I’m committed to achieving a healthy work/life balance, thriving at the intersection of diligent work and passionate play. My evenings are a blend of strategic gaming and expressive dancing, activities that recharge my enthusiasm for tackling the next day’s challenges. I find this balance essential, not just for my well-being but also for maintaining a high level of professional performance.

In the workplace, my expertise lies in data manipulation and crafting live reports with systems like Excel, skills that I continuously hone to enhance decision-making processes. While I’m adept at handling the routine for the business’s sake, my drive is fuelled by varied tasks that require innovative thinking. I’m eager to further refine my multitasking abilities and seek out a role that appreciates my analytical acumen and desire for diversity in my day-to-day responsibilities.


I am interested in a role that offers the breadth of analysing data across various departments within an organisation. I want to delve into multifaceted analysis work, translating numbers into narratives that can inform and empower every sector of the business. This position would ideally present the chance to expand my skill set by learning coding or scripting. Not only would this bolster my analytical capabilities, but it would also allow me to navigate and surpass the limitations imposed by current reporting systems, ensuring that no critical insight is left unearthed due to technical constraints.

I’m looking for a company culture that is nurturing yet challenging, with a leadership team that values support and understanding. A workplace where my professional growth is encouraged and where I am pushed to excel without compromising the compassionate ethos that makes for a trusting and productive environment. Ultimately, I desire a role that brings me joy and fulfilment, one that also provides financial stability for my family and supports my life outside of work.


Striking a work/life balance is crucial for me, as it allows me to immerse myself fully in my career while also embracing the things I love. During work hours, I am fully engaged, tackling tasks with efficiency and determination. This focus ensures that when it’s time to step away from the desk, I can indulge in my personal passions guilt-free.


I’m an avid gamer, finding both fun and challenge in the strategic depths of computer and board games. Dancing is another passion that lets me express myself and unwind. As a foodie, I love tasting new foods and experimenting with flavours, making every meal an exciting adventure.


  • Data/Report Analysis
  • Proficient in many reporting systems including expertise in Microsoft Excel
  • Data Manipulation
  • Report Building


Role: Management Accountant/Analyst

Availability: 4 Weeks’ Notice Period

Location: Wellingborough

Salary: circa £35,000 per annum

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