Working Preferences

Position: Finance Business Partner

Salary Sought £55,000 +

Availability – March 2024

Locations: approx. 40-minute commute from Kettering

A Candidate with a Passion for Job Satisfaction and Helping Others

In the realm of professional recruitment, it’s always refreshing to encounter a candidate like JP, whose aspirations and values align seamlessly with both personal fulfilment and professional excellence. JP’s profile is a testament to the ideal blend of passion, skill, and vision that many employers seek.

Core Values: Family, Job Satisfaction, Happiness, and Altruism

JP places a high value on family, job satisfaction, personal happiness, and the ability to help others. These values are not just personal guiding principles but also serve as a foundation for their career choices, reflecting a deep understanding of what brings true contentment and purpose in both life and work.

Ideal Role: A Catalyst for Daily Enthusiasm and Team Growth

JP envisions an ideal role that sparks daily enthusiasm and involves working collaboratively to achieve goals and foster organisational growth. They seek a position where their insights and contributions are not only valued but also instrumental in propelling the team and organisation forward.

Employer Expectations: Growth, Rewards, Appreciation, and Flexibility

JP looks for an employer that embodies success and growth, values employee contributions through adequate rewards, appreciates its workforce, and maintains a work-life balance with flexible working conditions. This indicates a preference for a progressive, employee-centric workplace.

Career Aspirations: Enjoyment, Results, and Leadership Progression

JP’s primary career goal is to find a role that brings joy and allows them to deliver impactful results. They aspire to manage a team and eventually advance into a senior position, highlighting a forward-thinking and ambitious career trajectory.

Key Skills: Financial Acumen, Proactivity, Flexibility, and Personability

JP is a highly competent financial professional known for being proactive, adaptable, and personable. These skills are crucial in dynamic business environments and indicate a candidate who can thrive in various scenarios while fostering positive relationships.

Skills Development: Management Focus

JP expresses a desire to develop further in management. This ambition shows a readiness to take on leadership roles and a commitment to enhancing their ability to guide and inspire teams.

Most Enjoyed Role: Commercial Roles with Interaction and Value Addition

JP has enjoyed commercial roles the most, particularly those involving interactions with others and opportunities to add value. They thrive in environments where their contributions are recognised and impactful.

Least Enjoyed Role: Isolated and Routine-Heavy Positions

Conversely, roles that lack interaction, focus solely on numbers without narrative, or are entirely routine based are less enjoyable for JP. This preference underscores their desire for dynamic, engaging work environments.

Strengths: Drive, Commitment, Honour, and Loyalty

JP identifies as driven, committed, honourable, and loyal – qualities that are invaluable in any professional setting and indicative of a reliable and dedicated team member.

Areas for Improvement: Embracing Latest Technologies

JP aims to improve their proficiency with the latest technologies like AI and Power BI, demonstrating a willingness to stay current with evolving industry trends.

Personal Life: Family Time, Golf, Helping Others, and Leisure Activities

In their spare time, JP cherishes making memories with family, playing golf, helping others, and enjoying movies, sports, shopping, and exploring new places. These interests highlight a well-rounded individual who values both personal growth and quality time with loved ones.

Logistical Preferences: Salary, Hours, and Location

JP seeks a salary of £55k+, prefers working hours from 8 am to 4 pm, but this is not essential and looks for opportunities with a maximum commute time of 40 minutes from Kettering.

In essence, JP’s profile represents a candidate who not only brings a wealth of professional skills and aspirations but also maintains a deep commitment to personal values and work-life balance. Their profile is ideal for organisations looking for someone who can contribute significantly while growing with the company.

If you are interested in this candidate, please get in touch with the team at Debbie Burbage Recruitment by emailing debbie@debbieburbage.co.uk