In addition to our Recruitment Services we also provide:

HR Specialist

Maximising the Use of Your Current Resources

Helping your business to identify whether the workforce you have are aligned with the current business strategies and vision.
Often as a business grows and develops, roles and responsibilities within it change and alter.  This can result in staff working in vastly different roles to what were originally employed for.  This can mean that the skills and competencies that the position really requires do not match the individual who is in place, resulting in under performance and potential ‘stress at work’ absences.

To avoid this potential issue the processes detailed below are just some of the ways we can support your organisation.


Review of Current Employees

Review roles and responsibilities of all employees within the organisation/ department, and assess potential opportunities and restructure options if required.


Training Programme

  • Sourcing relevant training providers
  • Creation of a skills matrix across the organisation, which will also aid succession planning
  • Ensuring that any training undertaken is delivering a return of investment and is relevant to the business vision and its future plans.


Performance Management

  • Creation of either bespoke or general performance improvement plans, dependant on the diversity of the roles within your organisation and in line with the current and future business needs.
  • Advising managers on how and when to use this tool effectively so that all understand the benefits of the process.
  • Move to disciplinary proceedings as a reasonable final step, should there be continuous failure or willingness to improve, which could eventually result in termination the contract of employment.


Employee Engagement

  • Identifying and cementing your business’ core values and vision for the future.
  • Producing detailed job descriptions with appropriate person specifications to identify skill gaps and areas where employees may require training and development.
  • Creation of an appraisal system, providing a platform to individually document each roles required objectives for meeting the organisations needs and values.

People Management

Other services that we can offer to provide your business with a fully rounded ‘People Management’ function are:

Employee Handbook

Creation of a handbook that covers all your requirements and collates them into one place so that everyone has access and understands company policies on holiday allowances, sickness absence, company property etc. and also the statutory obligations that both they and the business have.  Along with the option for an annual review of the documentation to check it is still relevant to your business practices and the statutory regulations are current and up to date.

HR Support & Advice

Provide an approachable and pragmatic service, appreciating the needs of the individual and the issue they have, against the business need to continue operations and productivity.  Skilled in mediation, motivation and conversation giving that extra bit of support for the organisation as a whole to be an engaged and productive workforce, who feel valued by and value their employer.

Employment Law

Explanation of employment regulations and new legislation in terms that are applicable to the type and size of the individual business.  Give employers back some control by highlighting risk factors and advising on strategies to achieve their desired results whilst complying with their legal obligations.

Tax Specialist

A specialist tax consultancy for owner managed business. We can work either exclusively with your business or providing specialist support with existing professional advisors. Although each business is unique we have provided examples of various services we offer below:

Directors Remuneration Planning

An opportunity for directors who own their own company make both their own and the company’s tax affairs efficient.

Often what can benefit the company can increase the director’s personal tax liability and vice versa. By undertaking a high level review we are able to identify potential tax savings for both the directors, their company and balance the relief’s to obtain the most tax efficient solution.

This is undertaken by examining the current directors’ remuneration structure, their individual and company requirements. This information is then used to provide recommendations to ensure maximum tax efficiency.


Staff Recruitment and Benefits

  • In today’s market place trying to recruit the best team without breaking the bank can be a challenge for most companies. By taking advantage of a variety of tax breaks then a company can build an attractive remuneration package which sets it apart from its competitors without it costing the earth.  These would include areas such as employee share schemes, salary sacrifice, childcare vouchers, mobile phones and private healthcare.
  • Whether you are recruiting a top level executive and need a bespoke package designing or are simply look to provide a general package for regular employees then we have the skills and expertise to guide you through the whole process.

PAYE Health Check?

  • Isn’t PAYE just doing payroll? This Is the question we are often asked and at the outset this may seem to be the case, but any company which has had a PAYE visit from HMRC knows there is a lot more to PAYE than originally thought.
  • Due to its intricacies PAYE can often be a hidden time bomb within a company and especially where a new company has been formed from the merger of existing ones.  Perfectly innocent practices which have developed overtime alongside the ever changing landscape of tax legislation mean that most companies have PAYE issues which they aren’t even aware of.
  • We have a specialist team who can carry out a ‘dummy’ PAYE enquiry similar to that carried out by HMRC. However, we prefer to be more positive and look at it as a PAYE health check.
  • The results of the health check would then be reported back identifying areas which may need attention, their level of risk, potential financial exposure and recommendations for improvement (if necessary).
  • In addition should there be any tax saving opportunities which arise then we will highlight these for your attention.


  • Apart from the Chancellor’s annual budget each year tax changes now come through thick and fast throughout the year, especially in the whole area of PAYE and benefits in kind.
  • We are able to provide bespoke training and updates to in house accounts teams to ensure that they are fully conversant with the latest legislation and HMRC practices relating to employment taxes.

Psychometric Testing

Reiki in the workplace

Reiki energy brings deep relaxation, soothing emotions and reducing negative feelings. Reiki can help you be the best that you can be. It can help unlock your natural creativity allowing you to reach your full potential. It brings clarity, focus and a sense of purpose back into life. It enhances the benefits of all other therapies. One treatment is physiologically the equivalent of 3 to 4 hours’ deep sleep. It helps you find true peace of mind and brings positivity to help you cope with life’s daily challenges.

Reiki is a whole body treatment. We say in Reiki that problems arise because of blockages caused by negative thinking, lifestyle choices, ongoing treatments, stresses and an attitude of not loving oneself. Reiki does not differentiate between the levels of the person but instead perceives the whole body as working as one entity. Reiki recognises that it is not our problems that need healing but our whole self. In healing we believe that every cell of the body contains universal energy. This energy can become disordered or out of balance. Reiki rebalances this energy and once again creates order in the energy of the cells. Reiki works by clearing away the blockages, on whichever level they appear, that prevent us from being whole.

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