Positive Thinking in Times of Change

Being positive in changing times has been the key to survival for all time, but this can sometimes be hard to do, where do I start? How can I when things are falling down around me? My life isn’t all that bad but I still feel fearful? No matter what it is that you are telling yourself, you have the power within you to make a dramatic shift in your mindset. These can be little steps, every day, but trust that all these little steps add up and you will get there.

What Does Being Positive Mean?

Well, it means different things to different people. You are on your own journey, and no one can walk in your footsteps and understand how you truly feel or where you want to be. There’s no right or wrong, it’s about how you feel in the “here and now” and what you feel is the catalyst for how your day goes.

You wake up in the morning, you’ve overslept, jump out of bed stub your toe and then stumble into the wall, and think “what a great start to the day (not), I can see what the rest of my day is going to be like” and sure enough because you are expecting the worst, you get stuck in traffic, all the traffic lights seem to be against you and so it goes on.

On the other hand, you wake up before your alarm goes off, feel relaxed, the shower is the perfect temperature, the sun is shining, and you think “what a beautiful day, today’s going to be a good one”. You arrive at your destination early, all the traffic lights in your favour and the day just gets better.

Getting into a Positive Place

What you must remember is, that small subtle changes all add up, it really is the little things that matter. Set your alarm a little earlier so you can relax having breakfast, whilst the children are still in bed, appreciate this time and think of something that gets you in a “happy space in your heart”. Try not to complain about the negative things that are happening around you, this will lower your mood and that isn’t what you are aiming for. You cannot change what is out of your control, the traffic lights cannot possibly be against you, but setting that alarm 15 minutes earlier is down to you.

Be kind to people, pay someone a compliment, it will make them feel good but also notice how it makes you feel. Most importantly be KIND TO YOU, love yourself and see the goodness in your heart and all that you do for others. You are AWESOME remember that.


Feel grateful for the good things in your life, I’m sure there are plenty you can think of if you put your mind to it. Perhaps every morning you could write a list of a few things you feel grateful for, I don’t mean just list them and put the pen down, I mean read each one, understand how it makes you feel, your body may tingle, your mind could feel happy, this is what true gratitude is and this is what helps you stay focused and positive.

Feeling Overwhelmed

These feelings can be debilitating, but you do have the ability to change how you are feeling, take a deep breathe and when you exhale let those feelings go, what works for me is saying “I choose to see​ peace instead of this” or “ I choose to see love instead of this”. You’ll be amazed at how doing this releases the tension from your body, it may not last long but long enough to realise that you can do it.

Go for a walk, play music, dance around the living room, do some cleaning, try something that makes you happy.

I’m sure you can think of challenges that you have overcome in the past and you can do it now too. Remember the “here and now” is the only reality there is, the future hasn’t happened yet, and you truly are in control of that.

Negativity is contagious, distance yourself from negative people, try not to watch the news or read negative social media. On the other hand, positivity is contagious too, be around people who make you happy, it may be difficult to see people in person right now but phone them or have a video call, talk about the good times, funny films you’ve watched, the things you want to do with your life.

Positivity is an Everyday Essential

Be the one that spreads that positivity, the light in the room, the beacon of hope. Remember you have absolutely got the ability to be who you want to be, do what you want to do and live the life you desire. Take action, move forward with conviction and strength, you’ve got this!