Avoiding Distractions in the Workplace

Everybody gets distracted at work. It would be hard to go a whole day without being distracted by something. Sometimes distractions can be beneficial as a way of giving your mind a break from work or perhaps a colleague needs your help in which you can be useful by helping them. It is the distractions that impact on your work which you need to tackle and avoid if possible. Read on to find out how…

Emails & Communication

Emails are a great form of communication within the workplace and keeping both colleagues and clients up to date with what is going on with a project, however sometimes a simple email can distract you from what you are meant to be doing. Turn email notifications off and only check your emails at certain points in the day for example 9am, 1pm and 5pm. If it is an internal email then perhaps to save time writing a long email to your colleagues, call a short team meeting to have the discussion instead which could actually be more beneficial.

Phone Calls

Phone calls can be a huge distraction, especially if you have your head stuck into a project which needs your full concentration. A phone call can really knock you back, just the sound of the phone ringing let alone the conversation you end up having. If you need your full concentration on something without the distractions then it may be best to set your phone to forward to your answerphone and then that way you can call anyone back at a more convenient time.

Phone calls can also be a distraction to others working around you. If you need to take a lengthy conversation then think about going to somewhere like a meeting room or an office where you are not going to distract others.

Chatter Boxes

Your colleagues can be a huge distraction especially the chatter boxes that like to gossip about the weekend and other areas of their personal life which can sometimes be hard to block out. Unless it is about work save any gossiping for lunchtime breaks or after work so that you can concentrate on work. If you are trying to block out others then you could always get some headphones to put on and listen to some music to help you concentrate.

The Internet

We can all admit that we get distracted when surfing the Internet. It could be by an advert that pops up whilst using the Internet which can then take you completely off course and suddenly an hour has gone by because you started looking for new clothes. Be strict with yourself and only visit the websites you need to if you are doing any research.

Technical Errors

Unfortunately we all face technical issues on a daily basis. It could be that your computer needs a software update and you need to let it update for a good hour or so. Think of something you can do in the meantime that you do not need your computer for. Could you make some phone calls to clients or perhaps update them on a project via email which you can do on your phone. If all else fails you could always see if any of your colleagues need any help or advice.