What Not To Do In A Job Interview

At Debbie Burbage Recruitment we have previously discussed the correct thing to do in a job interview but we also think that it is important to understand what not to do in a job interview. Take a look at the tips below so that you know what not to do at your next job interview.

Flirt With Your Interviewer


It is best to be pleasant and polite to your interviewer rather than sit there being grumpy and glum but there is only so far you should ever go with how nice you are to your interviewer. A few smiles and laughs in the right manor are completely acceptable but if you start to flirt with the interviewer then this could turn the whole thing sour. Flirting with your interviewer is inappropriate and can make the interviewer feel extremely uncomfortable. If the interviewer is made to feel like this then the job interview may be cut short and you will not be accepted for the job you have applied for.

Take A Selfie With Your Interviewer


Selfies may be the ‘in-thing’ at the minute but the last thing you want to do is take a selfie at your job interview with your interviewer or potential employer. Taking a selfie with your interviewer is completely unprofessional and may shock your interviewer as they would not be expecting this type of behaviour. If you are to do something like this then you will more than likely not be given the opportunity of working with the company.

Turn Up In Your Gym Gear


Unless you are going for a job at a gym or applying to be a fitness trainer then you do not want to turn up at a job interview in your gym gear. We all live busy lives and if you have enough time to fit in a gym session before your interview then this is perfectly acceptable but make sure that you have a shower and change into the appropriate attire for the job interview such as a smart dress or a suit. Try and fit in with the company by doing some research beforehand to see what type of clothing they wear or play it safe and dress in formal business clothing.

Be Too Relaxed In Your Interview


It is always best to show confidence in a job interview but sometimes you can be too confident and this can be a bad thing. The one thing you do not want to do is turn up still eating your lunch and acting comfortable in the company of your interviewer. This is unprofessional and unacceptable. If you are running late, skip your lunch until after your interview and compose yourself so that you enter your job interview in the most professional way possible.

Be Too Nervous In Your Interview


You need to find the right balance between being overly confident and being too nervous. Being too nervous in an interview may affect your ability to answer questions clearly and correctly. Try to calm yourself beforehand and turn your nervousness into excitement. This is your one shot at getting the job you dream of so make sure you give it your best.