Turn Negative Feedback into Positive Action

You’ve been through the job interview process, answered all of those difficult questions as best you could and a week later you find out that you were unsuccessful – it happens to the best of us. So, what do you next? As difficult as it may seem, instead of feeling down about it and looking at life through the bottom of your wine glass, you need pick yourself up and consider your next move. The first step is to gain some vital feedback from the company you interviewed with and find out why you were not selected for the position.

Let’s face it, feedback given after an interview can sometimes be hard to face, but you can and should use it to your advantage to learn where you went wrong and turn those negative comments into positive action. Consider any comments offered in a positive way and act on them to improve your chances at your next interview.

Don’t Take it Personally

Feedback is important; even negative comments. The important thing is not to take things personally and see any criticism as constructive – learn from it and take what you have learnt through to your next interview.

It’s a Competitive Game

To be fair, due to sheer weight of numbers in the increasingly competitive job market, you are unlikely to get feedback from many of the high street recruiters. At DBFR we work with individuals and understand the importance of feedback, so we make a point of speaking to the interviewers and letting you know their comments.

Ask Questions

If you are unclear on any of the points made in the feedback given, then you have every right to ask further questions to gain a clearer understanding.

Focus on the Points Made

Negative feedback can really rock your confidence – but only if you let it!  Focus your energy, take note of the criticism and turn it into positive action.

Learn from your Mistakes

Learn from where you went wrong: use any criticism to your advantage and arrive at your next interview a more prepared, confident and polished candidate.