The Power of Positivity

Unfortunately there is a lot of negativity in life that sometimes you can’t seem to shake off. It can be feeling that there is no time in life to get things done or that you feel you cannot move forward in your career to the next step up or into a job role that you would prefer to be in. This can leave us feeling very negative towards life, towards ourselves and towards our work.

At Debbie Burbage Recruitment we believe in the power of positivity and feel that there are simple tasks you can take to have a more positive outlook on life.

1. Change your Daily Routine

We all get into the same daily routine with a repetition of the same tasks we do every day. This alone can give a negative effect, you wake up, you have breakfast, get a shower, get dressed and go to work. Do something about it to change and have a more positive mind. Perhaps set your alarm a little bit earlier to actually enjoy your morning routine, give yourself an extra half an hour to do something you enjoy. This could be from a simple jog around the block to reading an extra chapter of a book. If you are one to say “there’s no time” then it is all about making time.

2. Adjust your Work Routine

We also fall into a similar trap with the way we work. We undertake similar tasks each day which over time can become boring and unsatisfying. Look at how you can change your work routine. Perhaps get involved more as a team, see if there are any others that need your help. Write down a list of the things you want to achieve that day and have a positive outlook at getting those tasks done.

3. Take a Break

Take an actual lunch break for once. Many job roles see employees working over lunch, sat at their desks with a little lunchbox trying to eat a sandwich and write out an email at the same time, crumbs everywhere! No one wants a crumby desk! This also causes negativity as you are never giving your body a chance to rest and recuperate, you expect it to keep going from 9am until 6pm without a decent break in between. Just taking half an hour to an hour out of your working day can really help to revitalise your body. You can go back to work feeling refreshed and positive.

4. Get Some Fresh Air

Another thing we forget to do each day is get out and breath in some fresh air. Perhaps on your lunch break take a little walk around outside, if you have a local park to go to then use it, sit on a bench and watch the wildlife around you. This is something we are all lacking in our lives. We need to reduce the amount of screen time we have with our computers, phones and televisions and make the most of nature.

5. Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Actions

Sometimes we can’t help negative thoughts popping into our heads. When this happens try and replace that negative thought with a positive thought or a positive action. Say for instance you are feeling negative towards your career, try and think of the things you love about your job. Maybe there are ways to progress and do more. Go to your employer for help if needed and express your feelings, this is always better than bottling it up.