Stuck Between Jobs? Make A Difference

If you are currently stuck in between jobs and wondering what to do with yourself, then you have three options which are available to you:

1. Temporary
2. Contract
3. Voluntary

Being stuck between jobs can result in you becoming down, depressed and feeling as though you are not sure what to do with your life. Lots of people are in exactly the same position as yourself. It is not always that easy to walk out of one job and straight into another, unless you have been head hunted or had a job already lined up.

If you are thinking about moving from one job to another, the best thing to do is be prepared and have another job ready for you to walk into, however life does not always work to plan. There are many reasons you may have to leave a job, providing you with very little time to apply for another job.

For many job applicants and candidates out there, voluntary and temporary\contract jobs may not of even crossed your mind, because naturally it is everyone’s aim in life to be able to receive a permanent job offer straight away, however it is not always that easy and after hundreds of job applications and interviews, months could of suddenly flown by. The best thing to do in this situation is to get something in between as you never know where this will lead you to in life. Having a voluntary or temporary job will provide you with more roles to add to your CV and will inevitably give you more experience, and experience is the key ingredient for success in employment.

Temporary\Contract Jobs

Temporary jobs are not always ideal but most temporary jobs will earn you a reasonable income whilst you are stuck between jobs. Temporary job vacancies come about whilst someone is on leave and for now you are filling in their role. If it is covering maternity leave then you should be prepared to find another job in 9-12 months’ time as soon as your contract is up. A temporary role will gain you invaluable experience for your future employment, and if you work well, quite often a company may ask you to stay on in a similar position. Applying for a temporary role is a good way to get your foot in the door, especially if it is with a company you aspire to work for. It is also an extra role you can add to your CV as well as the experience you will gain.

Voluntary Jobs

Voluntary jobs are not always the number one choice on a candidates list of job applications. The number one reason behind this is because voluntary jobs are mostly unpaid. If you can afford financially to do a job which is unpaid then a voluntary job could be very beneficial to you. Voluntary jobs consist of working for various charities or being involved in a company where you are there working for free to gain an experience.