Managing Your Time Better At Work

Are you often in a situation where you feel there are not enough hours in the day and that you are constantly juggling time about? That you are always working until the last minute to meet a deadline or rushing to get to that meeting on time? At Debbie Burbage Recruitment we are here to help.

You do not need actually more hours in the day, what you do need is to manage your time more efficiently.

Time Management

The problem starts by worrying about time and the time we are using up. By doing this we are automatically wasting valuable time. The first thing you need to do is remove that obsession of time and instead think about the work you need to do in that time, the work you are employed to do.

Project Management

To improve your time management and your workload you need to manage the things you are working on in a much better way. Prioritise the projects that need to be done first and work through a list at a suitable pace and within a strict given timescale.

Planning Ahead

The best thing you can do to solve any time or project management issues is to plan ahead. Working with a notepad on your desk is always good practice. What you can do is write down the list of projects / tasks you need to do. You can then put them in an order of priority. Once you have put them in an order you need to then work through that list.

Be Realistic

Once you have a structure of your current workload don’t be unrealistic and expect yourself to get it all done in a day. This can add a lot of pressure and stress onto your day and it will ultimately set you back as instead of getting on with the work you are supposed to be doing, you will have this constant worry about getting it all done in time and as a consequence get very little done instead.

Ask For Help

If you struggle to put a structure together then you can always ask for help. Either a colleague or even your manager can help let you know what they think you should be focusing on. Sometimes this can really help get you back on track.

Give Yourself More Hours In The Day

If you follow the career tips above on time and project management then this can really help free up some time for you and give you back those hours you were fighting against. This means that the days of panicking over getting work done or arriving at a meeting on time will be gone and you will be much more productive in the workplace.

Remember…Time Is Money…