How To Increase Your Salary

If you have settled into your job and have been working hard in your job role, you may feel it is time to ask for a pay rise. Sometimes it is not always that easy when it comes to your salary and it may be awkward thinking about how to ask for an increase in your salary.

Are You Exceeding Your Expectations?

If you feel that you are exceeding your expectations in the workplace and go above and beyond what you are supposed to do for your job role, then you are in a strong position to ask for a pay increase to your salary. If you only do what is expected of you and don’t feel as though you should do any more then this is where you may need to rethink your year ahead and look at ways you can do more to be rewarded in a few months time.

Do You Have A Target Pay Rise?

Have an overall salary in mind of what you would be happy with and what you feel you are worth to the company you are working for. Do some research into your job role within other companies and look at what they are paying staff in a similar position to you and this is the information you can approach your manager with. Do some research within the company you work for and compare yourself to other employees. If you feel you do more work than other colleagues who are earning more than you then you can also mention this to your manager. With your research you should have an overall figure in mind of what you would like to be earning over the course of a year.

Arrange A Meeting

If you stay quiet in your career you may not progress to where you want to be. Gain some confidence and arrange a meeting with your manager to discuss your qualities and speak about either a promotion or a pay rise in your salary. Demonstrate how far you have come in your career and how many responsibilities you have. Talk to your manager and ask for their advice in your situation and so long as you have approached the subject of a pay rise then at least you may be considered.

Be Professional and Confident

If you go straight into a meeting and demand a pay rise then this will not get you very far. With a subject matter of an increase to your salary you have to be professional about it and you need to demonstrate your reasoning for a pay rise. You must also have confidence and be mature about the situation explaining that you have been with the company for so long and feel you go over and beyond with your expectations.

Don’t Be Offended

Don’t be offended if your manager says no to a promotion or a pay rise. If you get angry, upset and overall emotional about not getting what you want then this only shows that you are not mature enough to have that pay rise. You must think that you have approached the subject now and you have put this into the mind of your manager so in the near future you may be considered for that pay rise that you want.