Changing Your Career Path

Your career is one of the biggest parts of your life, who you are and who you could become. There are some that are in a job just because it pays the bills, these are the ones that work to live. Then there are others that live to work. For these people their job is what keeps them going and is one of the best parts of their life. It can’t be the same for everyone but at Debbie Burbage Recruitment we believe that it is very important to enjoy your career in life. There is no point being in a job role which does not suit your interests and makes you unhappy, so why not think about changing your career path?

Is Your Work-Life Balanced?

Changes in life can make your current job role not suited to your lifestyle such as having a family and needing more time at home rather than at work. With many job roles today being computer based there are lots of jobs available so that you can work from home which will then suit your life as a parent and you are still able to earn a salary whilst working from home.

Are You Motivated By Your Colleagues?

How well you get along with those you work with can cause an effect on the way you feel towards your job. If you get on well with those you work with then your working days will fly past and can become very enjoyable, however if you feel you have many personality clashes with your colleagues or managers, then you may dread the days that you have to work with them and they can feel like the longest days ever. This could mean that is time for a change in your career. If you do get on well with those you work with, don’t let this hold you back from furthering your career or changing your career path, at the end of the day you can still spend time with the friends you make outside of work.

Do You Enjoy Your Job?

The main question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you enjoy your job? If the answer is no then that is where you need to look at moving on and seeing what else is out there for you. Think about your interests and look for job roles which suit those particular interests and certain hobbies. It is not easy finding a job which suits you so take your time and make sure that you tailor your CV to each job application.

Are You Satisfied With Your Career?

If you feel unsatisfied with your career then it may be time to change your career path and maybe look at applying for a new job role. Overtime you will change, it is only natural. Perhaps the current job you are in is the one you started many years ago at the beginning of your career ladder. Take a step down and have a think about what you really want to do in life. If you are not enjoying your job role then it may be time to take a change.

Is It Time To Change Your Career Path?

The years fly by so quickly, that most of us are stuck in the same routine each day. Don’t let the year fly past and miss the opportunities that are out there for you. Use your free time to update your CV and apply for the jobs that suit you to help you climb the career ladder.