2018 Goals – A New Year = A New You

The New Year and the month of January is always about a fresh start in life. Perhaps you have joined the gym to shift those extra pounds you gained over Christmas or you are trying to detox by not drinking or eating so much. You may be planning your year ahead by booking a summer holiday and having something to look forward to. Whilst it is great to think about becoming healthier and having a holiday to look forward to, it is also important to sit down and focus on some goals for the year ahead.

January is always a good time to reflect on the previous year, if there are any goals that you did not reach then keep these on your list and aim to accomplish this year. Have a good think about your life, what do you want to work towards this year? Could it be a promotion, a new job, a new house, starting a family? Whatever it may be you need to work towards what makes you happy in life. Whilst we can’t help you accomplish all of your goals we can help you in the job department so read on to find out more.

A Promotion

If you are happy in your job but would like to take on more work then why not challenge yourself into taking the next step and earning yourself a promotion. A promotion is a great way to climb the career ladder and there are usually bonuses and salary increases in doing so. A promotion could also help in you achieving some of your other yearly goals such as buying a new house, it could help in making your lifestyle more comfortable and could help you go on that extra special summer holiday you have been waiting for. Whatever your decision may be there is no harm in working towards a promotion in your career as this will always strengthen your skills which can be useful in the future.

A New Job

Perhaps this year you want to turn a new leaf and go for a new job. January is a popular time for people to think about changing their career and trying something new. There is no harm in trying something new and as long as you have left your previous company on good terms then they will quite often welcome you back if things don’t work out for you. December, January and February can be the most popular months for companies to hire. Many companies are starting new projects for the year and also setting business goals and new budgets so this could be a good time to look for that new job.

Useful Tips

Depending on which path you wish to take in your career this year then take note of our useful tips to help you along the way:

  • Update your curriculum vitae.
  • Strengthen your professional social media presence.
  • Go above and beyond to get yourself noticed & possibly be promoted.
  • Be patient – Good things come to those that wait.
  • Don’t be afraid to take that extra step.
  • And most importantly… Follow your goals this year.

Good luck from the team at Debbie Burbage Recruitment.