10 Useful Friday Career Questions

Friday is a particular day of the week at work where it has either taken an eternity to get to, especially if you have had a long stressful week or, it has suddenly gone from Monday to Friday as quick as a flash as you have had such a productive week.

On a Monday you come up with a plan for the week ahead, somewhere in the middle you check that you are on schedule which means Friday is a good day to look back and reflect on what you have achieved for the week, to check how your performance has been so that you can make any improvements for the commencing week.

Asking yourself the following 10 questions each Friday should only take about 15 minutes, but these answers could improve your career success for the future.

1. What was the best part of the week?

Look back on what you enjoyed most at work this week. Was it the trip down to London to meet a client or helping train a colleague? Look at doing more of what you enjoy at work to give yourself a better work life.

2. What did you achieve?

Look back at what you have achieved this week. Reflecting on your achievements can help you feel positive. All of the small achievements add up to create even bigger accomplishments.

3. What was your biggest challenge?

Think about some of the challenges you faced this week and reflect on how you tackled them. You may need to use these tools again in the future to help you overcome even bigger challenges.

4. How confident and positive did you feel this week?

Having confidence and believing in yourself can help you feel positive about work which can impact on your success. Keep believing in yourself each week and don’t let anything knock you down.

5. Did any negativity hold you back?

If we cannot achieve our best we are faced with negativity and sometimes find it hard to get back on track. If there is something that you can’t do then either ask a college for help or have a little break and come back to it with a clearer mind.

6. Does your job role ever make you feel bored?

If at any point you felt bored this week then ask yourself why this was and how regular you feel this way. If it is a regular occurrence then perhaps think about another position in the company or looking for another job opportunity. Sometimes a change in your career can really help.

7. Did anything frustrate you?

If there is something we are not capable of doing then this often causes frustration. Ask a colleague for help and advice if you cannot do something.

8. Were there any distractions you faced?

Workplace distractions can have a really negative impact on your productivity. Reflect on what has distracted you and work out ways to avoid these distractions happening again. Perhaps it could of been a phone call, but if you have you head stuck into work just put your phone on divert and get back to anyone at a more appropriate time.

9. Did you make an impact on others?

Think about the positive and negative impact you have had on others for example with your colleagues or clients. If you had a negative impact on anyone then try and think of ways you can avoid this in future.

10. What do you want to achieve next week?

Before you leave the office at the end of the week, spend some time putting a plan together for the following week. If you use a weekly planner then write down your plans for each day so that you can start work on Monday with a structure, ready to achieve even more the following week.